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Last week, we showed you some of our go-to weekend beauty products and asked about your weekend plans. We got serious fun-time envy reading about all of the picnics, date nights, and family hangouts that you guys had coming up. Good to know our readers are making the most of spring! It was definitely hard to narrow down, but in the end one response stuck out above the rest. Drum roll, please!


@ness0830 “Having my baby shower tomorrow for my baby girl!! Super excited. She is due any day now. We’ll see if she makes her debut tomorrow?!?!”

Congratulations @ness0830! After reading this exciting announcement we obviously had to check if the baby ended up making her debut, and we were extremely delighted to see that she did! Congratulations again on bringing a new family member into the world. We wish you all the best of luck.

Runners Up

It seems like baby fever was a common thread among our weekend beauty giveaway responses. Check out some of our favorite runner-up answers, and be sure to follow us on social media for a chance to win our next giveaway!



“Cleaning the house and relaxing from a busy work week. Gotta rest these prego legs :)”


“Going to a baby shower and hopefully the zoo with my toddler!”


“My plans for this extra looooooong weekend is….Laundry, my 6 year old baseball parade, hair cut on sunday for my son , take my kids to a science meuseum in new jersey , i have a new born baby aswell so yes…all thaaat and my lil baby in between.  story of my life… my weekends is all about them. i love it though but i am dying for some me time … love you guys”


Alexis S.

Still havent had baby girl yet but not much longer!! Trying to relax as much as possible because im still a lil early..need atleast another week but doubt she’ll stay in there that long lol..this would be so nice to win!! Ty for the chance!”

Courtney Laine P.

Baby shower for the sister! Then family time and some gardening!”

Rachel D.

Soooooo busy! Taking a tour of maternity ward at hospital ( baby girl due in July)and then going to a union meeting on Saturday. Sunday I will be going to church to help my son with a fundraiser for baked goods and off to a baby shower.”


Thanks to everyone who entered this weekend giveaway. Be sure to stay in touch with Spa Week on social media for more lively discussions and luxurious prizes!

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