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This #TransformationTuesday, we tapped the tropics for a giveaway featuring ultra-moisturizing anti-aging skincare products from Key West Aloe. To find a winner, we asked our readers to tell us their worst sunburn story — and we got some doozies! But as always, there can only be one victor. And that winner is:

key west aloe giveaway winner

Pamela T. from Facebook:

Mine isnt the worst but it is the funniest. Hubby was working 3rd shift and was paler than normal one year. I talked him into going to beach with kids and I, and he could take a nap there instead of staying inside. He decided to slather on my tanning oil before laying down in hopes of getting some color. As soon as he fell asleep, I took the kids SPF45 and wrote HI!!!!! on his belly.

3 hrs later he woke up but I didnt see any change and thought it failed. We took one of the kids friends home and dh had left shirt off. In friend’s kitchen the wife kept saying “HI!” and “Well hello to you too”.. hubby couldnt figure out why until we walked back outside. By then his skin had turned bright red, except for Hi!!!! pure white, right in center of his chest lol (my original intention was to write BYE!!! on his back too but he never rolled over)

He didnt find it as amusing as we did lol. Especially since he had to leave in 2 days for 2 weeks annual training with the National Guards lol. Guess the guys gave him a hard time too lol.

Congratulations, Pamela! Maybe you can share some of your new Key West Aloe products with the husband — if he lets you near him with any skincare products ever again!

Scorching sunburns happen to the best of us, of course. Here for your enjoyment are the most entertaining runner-up responses from our followers. This time, our Facebook commenters really rocked it! But the stories were a little harrowing. Too bad we can’t send some Key West Aloe to all of you.


Runners Up

There can only be one winner, but we read and loved all of your responses! Thanks to everyone who chimed in, and be sure to connect with us on social media to get in on our next giveaway.

Cheryl G.

When I went to mexico and decided that I was too cool for sunblock and needed a tan. I was a lobster. BAD move!

Ami T. 

sun tanning as a teen in fishnet stockings. looked crazy.. lol.


 Always at the beginning of the season when I’m so excited to be outside, I end being like “a burn? WHAT’S THIS?!” I know I should be wearing sunscreen every day…I’m trying!

Connie Way W. 

Absolutely my worst sunburn was just last summer. We were at the beach and I asked my Hubby to apply sunscreen on my shoulders, back and arms. Well, as he was doing so, I commented how good it smelled. After playing in the ocean for 5 hours, we started packing up and I had chills! We get back to our room and setting right there on the counter was the sunscreen!! I had actually packed a tube of hand lotion! I was miserable for three days!

Heather R. 

Funky triangles on the backs of my arms, not good.

Amanda S.

I am a Ginger so sunburn is my normal thing but I was told to put sour cream on my sun burn and i did I was so busy that day i just rubbed it all over and ran out the door. Needless to say I didn’t rinse it off and I smelled like soured milk times ten all day lol

Thanks for sharing your sunburn stories! Stay tuned for the next social media event.

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