This Friday we want to introduce you to your new beauty best friends. Whether you have acne, rosacea, eczema, or hyperpigmentation, we’ve found 4 beauty bloggers that fiercely fight some of skincare’s biggest issues. 


Acne always seems to show up when you least want it, and after you add in discovering the right products and learning how to cover it up, what was once a pesky zit turns into a full blown nightmare. Thankfully, London based beauty blogger Katie Snooks has spent countless hours trying out washes, masks, concealers, foundations, and every thing in between to help you keep breakouts at bay and disguise unsightly pimples. And once you’ve gained (or faked) a clear complexion, you’ll obviously need some awesome eye makeup tips to complete the look. Well, Katie’s Beauty Blog has everything you need from the perfect first date makeup tutorial to a soft smokey eye.


Fighting rosacea can seem daunting. Unfortunately, the majority of beauty blogs only deal with fighting more “common” problems like acne, oily skin, or large pores, so finding makeup and treatment advice from a fellow rosacea sufferer can be few and far between. Phyrra not only features cover-up techniques and updates on her medications, she also showcases tons of makeup and beauty tips that anyone can use.


Eczema seems to be a rare subject in the beauty community. Unfortunately, this skin condition is not often featured on popular blogs, so those suffering for eczema can’t always find the advice they need. London-based beauty guru Henessy teaches readers about finding the right moisturizers and creams to stop eczema in it’s tracks. Makeup by Henessy also features something for everybody including popular makeup reviews, fashion advice, and travel tips.

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Hyperpigmentation is another skin condition that seems to be pushed to the wayside in the makeup blogosphere. Thankfully, Resham of Dazzle ‘n’ Sparkle lets you sit back as she does all the work reviewing moisturizers and other products to help reduce discoloration. She also features tons of in depth product reviews that everyone can use.

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