Neglecting to wash your makeup brushes is a common beauty mistake and it could be wreaking havoc on your skin.

Have you cleaned your makeup brushes this week? This month? Ever? We’re not here to judge. But let’s face it: Dirty brushes are a common cause of breakouts and other skin irritations. Think about all of the oil, dirt, old makeup, dust and even mold that collects in your brushes over time. When you put on makeup with dirty makeup brushes, you’re spreading that garbage all over your poor face! Talk about a major beauty mistake.

The good news is that cleaning your makeup brushes is as easy as pie. Read our step-by-step instructions for how to clean your makeup brushes, and we’ll all be spic and span in no time.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

What you need:

  • A small bowl
  • Baby shampoo (or any gentle clarifying shampoo)
  • A sink
  • A lint-free cloth or paper towel

Step 1: Run your brushes under lukewarm water, gently rinsing out any loose makeup. Be careful not to wet the part of the brush where the handle meets the head. You don’t want to break down the glue that holds in the bristles.

Step 2: Fill the bowl with warm water and a little squirt of baby shampoo. Gently swish each brush tip around in the water. If your brushes haven’t been washed in, you know, a while, you can swirl the brush in the palm of your hand to get some suds going. Just be gentle and try not to work against the bristles too much.

Step 3: Rinse the brush tip under running water again. If no more grime comes out in the rinse, your brush is clean enough. But if you’re like us, you’ll have to go back to the soapy water a few more times. When the water does run clear, move to the next step.

Step 4: Use a fuzz-free cloth or paper towel to wipe your brushes clean, going with the flow of the bristles. Reshape the brush as you go so that it can dry in its correct form.

Step 5: Lay your brushes flat on a cloth or paper towel to dry. Don’t dry them upright, or the water will drip down into the base and break down the glue.

And that’s all there is to it! Not so bad, right? Now that your brushes are clean, you’ll notice that your makeup goes on much better — and you may even see an improvement in your complexion. No more sweeping last month’s germs all over your face when you’re getting ready in the morning!

How often do you really clean your makeup brushes? Tell us in the comments!

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