Coconut oil, coconut oil. How do we love thee? A thousand health and wellness articles can count the ways. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine there was a time before all of our friends were using coconut oil to condition their hair, stir-fry their veggies, make their own body lotion. It’s a lip balm! It’s a cooking oil! It’s a face lotion! Everywhere you look, someone is waiting to tell you about another exciting use for coconut oil.

Now that we’ve all got the basic jist of how to use this trendy natural product, let’s take a look at some weird ways to use coconut oil. Before we go on, please note that we are not medical experts and don’t intend to suggest you try these tips yourself. But if you already have, by all means let us know how it worked out for you!

9 Weird Uses for Coconut Oil

Weird Use #1: Oil Pulling

What is oil pulling? Basically, it involves swishing oil around in your mouth for an extended period of time. As far as weird uses for coconut oil go, this is part of a wider trend that has attracted attention in Hollywood and beyond. Oil pulling is said to help ailments like sinus congestion, headaches, jaw pain and TMJ discomfort, while whitening teeth, improving gum health and freshening breath. Research hasn’t proved the medical benefits, but the practice continues to intrigue.

Weird Use #2: Block Chlorine Exposure

One unusual use for coconut oil is to protect the skin from chlorine exposure while swimming in treated pools. Wellness Mama recommends making a coconut oil -based lotion to apply before jumping in.

Weird Use #3: Highlight Cheekbones & Remove Makeup

Take it from Kelly Osbourne: “Ladies, here’s an amazing trick. Use the oil to highlight your cheekbones over your makeup. Less is more. A little of it goes a long way! At the end of your day, use the oil to also remove the excess makeup.” We haven’t tried this, but it makes perfect sense! Out of all the weird coconut oil uses on this list, this might be the most tempting… but we do have a lot beauty addicts in the house.

Weird Use #4: Deodorant

This weird use for coconut oil is based on its lauric acid content, which kills bacteria that cause odor. Could this be as effective as store bought deoderant? It depends on your body, but it’s worth a try if you’re interested in using as many all-natural products as possible. Dab a little coconut oil under your arms in the morning and see how it goes!

Weird Use #5: To Cure Insomnia

We can’t figure out how this is supposed to work, but search for coconut oil sleep aid reviews and you’ll find loads of people claiming that eating a few spoonfuls of coconut oil before bed guarantees a good night of sleep.

Weird Use #6: Help for Hemorrhoids

Can coconut oil help hemorrhoids? Coconut oil is often recommended for hemorrhoid relief along with aloe vera, witch hazel and other natural curatives. We don’t know how effective this weird use for coconut oil is, but it does contain a lot of vitamin A, which helps the immune system, and certain does have a soothing quality when topically applied to the skin.

Weird Use #7: Treat Yeast Infections

Now we’re getting serious. It turns out there’s been some interesting research on this front. Studies suggest coconut oil does have antifungal properties,  and could indeed have a beneficial impact on conditions like yeast infections. How are people using coconut oil for yeast infections? Similar to the old yogurt cure: They either coat a tampon in coconut oil, or use an empty tampon applicator to apply the coconut oil internally.

Weird Use #8: Shaving Cream

Why not? For those with sensitive skin, using coconut oil as a shaving cream can be a revelation. It’s definitely slick enough, and it moisturizes your skin at the same time.

Weird Use #9: Stimulate Hair Growth

There’s no question coconut oil is great for hair conditioning. Like your body’s own natural sebum, coconut oil contains triglycerides that help moisture penetrate the hair shaft to deliver maximum benefits. But could it actually make your hair grow faster? It could definitely reduce breakage, which would bring similar advantages, and massaging it into your scalp could very well give your hair follicles the health and circulation they need to promote hair growth.

Will you try any of these coconut oil remedies? Tell us in the comment section below!


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