The books of Anita Hughes sparkle with joie de vivre, and no wonder. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Hughes spent her childhood hanging out with koala bears, playing in the surf at Bondi Beach, and listening to her European mother tell dazzling tales of exotic cities around the world.

After growing up and doing a bit of globe-trotting herself, including a visit to Lake Como and years studying Creative Writing in California, Anita Hughes released her debut novel Monarch Beach in 2012. Set at the St. Regis Resort in Laguna Beach, the book wowed readers with its dreamy setting, vivid descriptions, and wonderful portrayal of a woman in transition.

Her second novel, Market Street, expanded on that charming formula by portraying San Francisco at its most fabulous. By the time Hughes released Lake Como, readers knew to count on her to deliver fast-paced, entertaining fiction studded with fun, fashion, and friendship.

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Author Anita Hughes

This May we’re thrilled to feature Anita Hughes as our Author of the Month. We invite you to join us in reading her latest novel, French Coast, which we’ll be reviewing for Book Club on May 7. This novel has everything readers have come to love and expect from Anita Hughes, with an even more glamorous setting that’s especially close to the author’s heart.

Beautiful locations are Hughes’ trademark, and she chooses settings she feels connected with. Monarch Beach and Market Street drew from her experiences living in California, while Lake Como was based on a visit from childhood that stayed vividly in her heart. In French Coast, Hughes sweeps readers away to the French Riviera and Cannes, taking inspiration from the stories she heard from her mother as well as her love of the film To Catch a Thief with Cary Grant. The story follows a West Coast Vogue editor as she travels to Cannes on a dream assignment, only to find her idyllic life crumbling as soon as she arrives. With loads of fashion references and swoon-worthy descriptions of the sights, sounds and scents of the French Coast, this novel is like a vacation in paperback form. Count us in!

We’re loving French Coast so far and can’t wait to discuss it for Book Club. Be sure to join the fun when we review the book on May 7, and then prepare for something even better: Anita Hughes herself will be joining us all on the Spa Week Facebook Page for an author Q&A on Tuesday, April 12. Start reading and stay tuned!

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