In honor of Melanoma Monday and Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention Month, we’re teaming up with skin cancer survivor Susan Posnick for a serious giveaway with everything you need to keep your skin safe from the sun.

May is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, and today it’s Melanoma Monday. So in the name of skin cancer awareness. we teamed up with makeup artist and skin cancer survivor Susan Posnick. Together, we’re bringing you the chance to win her line of SPF-infused mineral makeup.

Susan Posnick had a long and impressive career as a makeup artist before creating her namesake line of portable and multi-purpose cosmetics. It all started when she was a 20-year-old 5th grade teacher living in St. Croix, where she became friends with a very successful former marketing photographer from NYC. He and his wife owned a high-end store on the sunny island, where Posnick spent a lot of time in the store learning about designer clothes and jewelry. But it was the makeup she was really drawn to. Specifically the store’s line of Christian Dior beauty.

Makeup had always been something Posnick was passionate about, but she’d  never considered it could be a potential career until her new friend and mentor, the former photographer, gave her a push. With his vote of confidence and his assurance that he would put her in touch with the connections she needed to succeed as a makeup artist, she moved to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She quickly started building her portfolio with unpaid gigs doing model’s hair and makeup on high-end shoots with very well known photographers.

Once they saw how talented she was her career as a professional makeup artist took off. She began doing makeup for Cindy Crawford, Diane Lane, Amber Valletta and Renee Russo. Eventually Posnick decided she wanted to do makeup within the film industry so she packed her bags and headed to Los Angeles. On the way to California Posnick had an overnight in Dallas, Texas. That night she met a woman named Dawson who was impressed with her talent and told her she should stay, promising that she could still build the career she wanted out of Texas.

Sure enough, Posnick’s career continued to thrive. She became Mary Kay’s personal makeup artist for 13 years and she traveled the world for photo shoots, movies and commercials. “I loved my job! I just loved it,” she tells me passionately.

A Life-Changing Diagnosis

Then, in 1999, Posnick noticed a small red dot on her face. “I thought it was kind of funny, like a zit that wouldn’t heal. It kept going away and coming back,” she explains. “I went to the dermatologist and he said ‘it’s probably fine’ but he did a biopsy anyway.”

“The results came back and it was skin cancer,” she says. “I was blindsided because back then skin cancer was not something widely talked about.” She admits, that besides wearing a hat, she hadn’t been particularly careful when it came to protecting her skin from damaging rays. “It was normal to use olive oil and tanning oil,” she says. She was also allergic to chemical sunscreen PABA, the only sunscreen approved by the FDA at the time.

After undergoing Mohs Surgery to remove the melanoma, she quickly began searching for an alternative to chemical sunscreen. “I started going to cosmetic trade shows. Looking for someone who could make a foundation that had natural sun protection that was portable.” Posnick’s goal was to give people the ability to easily carry and apply sunscreen every day.

The Start of Something New

“I found a crazy female chemist who was using these things called ‘minerals’ that no one had heard of in 1999 and the early 2000s,” she says with a laugh. Yes, that’s right — Susan Posnick was one of the first people in the beauty industry to discover the power of mineral makeup.

She started making mineral powder foundation that contained sun protection by infusing it with zinc, which had just come out in powder form. The idea seemed so ludicrous to people within the industry at the time that no one would take it seriously. “They didn’t understand how this powder could be a foundation and a sunscreen,” she recalls.

That didn’t stop her from pushing forward. “I was really determined and it was about saving someone else from getting skin cancer,” she says. Luckily she found a representative in NYC who believed in Susan’s product and her mission. “People started buying it, trying it, using it. I’d go to stores and do events to show people how to use the product and I found myself grabbing makeup from other lines to finish out the demonstration, so I decided to expand my line.”

spf beauty products

Founded in 2001, Susan Posnick’s line of beauty products were designed with a real life approach. “The line is about portability and multi-purpose. No clutter, everything fits in our silver mesh bag, and you still have lots of choices because many products are dual-ended,” she tells me. “I wanted my products to be the products you always carry with you. They make skin look beautiful and healthy but most importantly they keep skin protected from the sun.”

“Hopefully I’ve saved some lives along the way or saved people from getting skin cancer,” Posnick tells me as our interview comes to a close.

To honor Melanoma Monday and Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, we’re doing our part to spread the word about skin cancer awareness and sun safety. To boost the message, we’re giving away two sets of our favorite Susan Posnick products. Check them out below, and see how you can enter to win!

Brush On Block Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30

spf beauty products


Brush on Block offers up SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection that is water resistant for 80. It also comes in a self-dispensing retractable brush for easy on-the-go use so that you’ve always got invisible sun protection handy. In fact, it was designed for the entire family which means no matter who you’re with, they can stay protected too.

Brush on Block retails for $30.

ColorFLO Mineral Foundation

spf beauty products

ColorFLO Mineral Foundation comes in an easy to use retractable and refillable brush. Unlike many other foundations, once applied it feels weightless and will not clog pores or irritate sensitive skin. It’s also enriched with Vitamin A and E, softens fine lines, and has SPF 26.

ColorFLO Mineral Foundation retails for $68. Refills cost $34.

ColorCOATED Mascara

spf beauty products

ColorCOATED Mascara uses a fortifying complex of peptides, carnauba wax, beeswax, and natural iron oxides to create longer, fuller, thicker lashes with maximum volume.

ColorCOATED Mascara retails for $24.

ColorEYEDEFINE Liner/Shadow

spf beauty products

This liner and shadow duo is comprised of an angled liner that can be used both as a liner and a shadow when blended. The cap comes with a self-dispensing eye shadow that complements the liner color. “I always carry three or four ColorEYEDESIGN pencils. I can create 30-40 looks with those pencils based on how I use them,” Posnick told me during our interview.

ColorEYEDEFINE Liner/Shadow retails for $26.

ColorDUO Lip Pencil

spf beauty products

ColorDUO is a versatile double-sided lip pencil. It provides rich color, deep moisture and a lip plumping agent to give your lips some extra oomph. The pencil comes with two universally flattering shades Nude and Rouge.

ColorDUO Lip Pencil retails for $24.

Mesh Cosmetic Bag

spf beauty products


Just as Susan had intended, all of these items can be used to create countless beautiful looks yet they fit comfortably in her signature silver mesh bag for easy access while on the go.

Mesh Cosmetic Bag retails for $12.50.

Enter to Win

Each Susan Posnick prize package is worth $185. However, sun protection that looks this good is priceless! We’re giving away two full sets of these gorgeous dual purpose cosmetics. For a chance to win join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tell us your favorite SPF beauty or skincare product.

What’s your favorite SPF beauty or skincare product?

12 Responses

  1. Jaclyn Reynolds

    I don’t have a favorite but I can’t live without a moisturizer with spf for daily use!

  2. Angela Rivanera

    Mi favorite spf product is my MAC mineralize foundation

  3. Kathy Hanley

    One of my go to products for this time of year is Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF. It’s light weight and gives me just enough coverage for this time of year.

  4. crystal k

    I like Kiehls Super Fluid Daily Defense with Estees DayWear over it.My skin is very fair,I burn very easily,and even at 30 Im no longer interested in laying out and tanning-Id rather have healthy skin.A tan lasts a little white and looks nice,but at what cost?Keeping my skin healthy-protected- is a longterm solution to a problem we all face.
    Thank you for letting me participate in your giveaway.This is a matter that we all need to take seriously-not just for our outsides-for our insides as well.xx

  5. Alexandria Julia Tinnon

    Simple moisturizer with SPF! Their products are loaded full of vitamins too and no harsh ingredients.


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