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May is Skin Cancer Awareness and Prevention Month, and yesterday we gave a nod to Melanoma Monday by rounding up a skin-saving collection of SPF products from beauty guru and skin cancer survivor Susan Posnick. Want to hear a fun fact? Before she created these sun-savvy SPF products, Susan Posnick was already an industry pioneer: She was one of the very first figures in the beauty business to embrace the use of minerals in cosmetics. Hats off for that!

spf product

For a chance to win a set of our favorite SPF-infused Susan Posnick products, we asked you to tell us about your own favorite SPF product. We got a lot of great recommendations, but as always, there can only be one — wait a second, that’s right! We decided to choose not one, but two winners for this week’s SPF product giveaway!

Double drum roll, please…

spf products

Erin McTee D nominated BB cream as her favorite SPF product, explaining that it gives her an excuse not to wear makeup at the beach. “TRUTH!” cried everyone in the Spa Week office. Meanwhile, Jo Ann D tipped her hat to Aveeno sunscreen, calling it “great for sensitive skin” with a “good hydrating quality.” Well, ladies, we hope you’re ready to make room for a new favorite SPF product or five, because this Susan Posnick collection is about to rock your summer.

Check out the rest of the responses on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find your next favorite SPF product! Stay safe this summer and remember to slather on that sunscreen.

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