Yummie by Heather Thomson is a line of slimming apparel that I immediately fell in love with. Here’s why. 

This May we’re teaming up with Yummie by Heather Thomson and the RHONY star herself to send one lucky mom on a Real Housewives of New York-inspired weekend getaway. The relaxing weekend includes everything from luxe hotel accommodations to a full day of spa services and much more.  You might be asking, How does Yummie come into play? The winner will get $500 worth of Yummie goods to ensure they jet-set in style.

Throughout the month, we’ll also be chatting with Heather Thomson and giving away $100 Yummie by Heather Thomson gift cards to a few lucky readers so they can try the stylish lifestyle brand for themselves.

I recently got the chance to test out an assortment of Yummie designs and I was thoroughly impressed by their high quality, performance, and fashion factor. What really stood out to me about Yummie was the special sweet spot the brand hits: comfortable clothes with stretch that also deliver on their promise to slim and smooth. Check out a few of my favorites below.

Yummie Shapewear

Nina Shaping Shortie

Shapewear is Yummie’s bread and butter. It was the first collection Heather created to make women feel confident rocking what they’ve got, so it’s no surprise that their shapewear is top notch.

The Nina Shaping Shortie sucked in my tummy, comfortably hugging my midsection. The mid-rise fit covered my hips, giving them a smooth line and a slimmer look. I also noticed that my thighs looked trimmer than usual. Success. Nina Shaping Shortie, $18.

Pearl Yummie Tummie 3-Panel Tank

This 3-panel tank has a firm control-shaping panel which hugs around the middle to provide a comfortable slender fit. It made my waist, hips and stomach look visibly smaller, both when worn alone and when paired under a top. Pearl Yummie Tummie 3-Panel Tank, $48

Yummie Jackets

Vera Jacket

This ultra-slimming seamless jacket with jacquard detailing is part of Yummie Fit, the brand’s activewear line. It’s made of quick drying nylon with wick technology. I recently took it for a spin and the first thing that stood out to me once I zipped it on was the beautiful ruched detailing on the front. It was super flattering on my figure, making my waist look smaller while giving my bust a slight boost and a sexy curve.  After wearing the jacket on a brisk walk on a humid night, I was impressed by its ability to wick away sweat. This allowed me to stay cool and comfortable for the entirety of my 3 mile walk, which is truly a feat considering I constantly overheat just sitting at my desk at work. Vera Jacket, $98

Juliet Half-Zip Jacket

The Juliet Half-Zip is super vibrant in Methyl Blue. It offers 360° control, which make the jacket slimming but not uncomfortably tight. Like the Vera, this half-zip has wick technology that kept me dry and comfortable while I ran errands all over my Brooklyn neighborhood on a hot sunny morning. Both the Vera and Juliet are my new go-to jackets on days when I know i’ll be moving and shaking. Juliet Half-Zip Jacket, $98

Yummie Bras

Helen Reversible Sports Bra

This sports bra made me happy for many reasons, just one of which being that it’s actually two bras in one. As someone with a substantial bust, sports bras have never been easy for me to find. If they’re too small they’re uncomfortable. Plus, there’s always that risk that something might accidentally pop out during a particularly bendy stretch. And if they’re too big, you might as well skip it all together because that’s not going to hold anything in place. Enter Yummie by Heather Thomson sports bras. They gave my DD cup size full support while remaining super cozy, and stylish to boot. Anyone with a large chest will tell you how hard it is to find cute bras, it’s almost as hard as finding that perfect fit. Helen Reversible Sports Bra, $48.

Mia Bra

The Mia is a super comfy and supportive racer-back bra with jacquard detailing which makes it fun and fashionable if you want to get your sweat on sans jacket or tank. I love the triangle detailing in the front and the convenience of its adjustable straps. Like the Helen, the Mia was fully supportive, holding everything in place and if I’m being honest, a little bit higher. Mia Bra, $38.

Yummie Denim

Mid-rise Straight Fit

When I saw that I was going to have to try squeezing my hips into a size 25 jean, I figured I would give it a shot just to get a feel for the Yummie denim line. I never actually expected them to zip up, let alone look good.

I have a hard time finding jeans. My scrawny legs, big hips and mini muffin top are a hard combo to accommodate when it comes to jeans, so after many years of trying on every brand and style you can imagine I’ve kind of just thrown in the towel. I currently have just one pair in my rotation, and mostly stick to skirts, dresses, and activewear as often as I can get away with it.

Yummie’s Straight mid-rise jeans are 80% cotton, 18% polyester and 2% elastane, giving them just enough stretch to make them fit comfortably, but not too much that they start to loosen and look ill-fitting throughout the day. The Straight jeans are a bit higher waisted in the back and lower in the front which smoothed out my hips and sucked in my tummy. The zipper is also strategically designed to be shorter to give the illusion of low-rise and to hide any signs of muffin top.

I am thoroughly impressed by Yummie denim. They remind me of a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans, but at just $108-$118 they’re much more affordable. And with all their slimming abilities they’re actually, ahem, made for the many different body types of all womankind. I’m sorry. Straight Fit, $108 – $118

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