Heading to the spa? That’s what we like to hear. Time to check our list of seven bad spa behaviors to glide through your bliss session without a hitch!

Allow us to help you get in the zone for total relaxation. Whether you’re a first-timer or a frequent spa dabbler, it can be a little nerve-wracking to feel like you’re not sure exactly what to do on a spa visit. But as long as you steer clear of these bad spa behaviors, your spa visit will be smooth sailing. Read on to learn the seven deadly spa sins and never worry again about committing a spa faux pas of your own!

7 Bad Spa Behaviors

1. Bad breath and body odor. Going in for a facial? Pop a few mints, please. Your esthetician will be right in the path of your breath for the duration of your treatment! For all treatments, try to arrive freshly showered or get there in time to shower at the spa. You wouldn’t want to distract your massage therapist with stinky feet.

2. Forgetting your “Spa Voice.” You came to the spa for a bit of tranquility, and so did everyone else. Have a good time, but don’t get much rowdier than a library. During relaxation treatments, like massage or aromatherapy, try keeping chit-chat to a quiet minimum. Not only will you avoid shaking up the serenity for other guests, but you’ll be better able to let go and drift off into bliss. That’s what you came for, right?

3. Freaking out about feet. You’re always free to stay in your comfort zone, but remember that lots of East Asian and Southeast Asian spas start spa visits with a foot massage or exfoliation. Having someone kneel at your feet may be startling to the uninitiated, but try not to flip out! It makes the staff nervous if they feel like they’ve embarrassed you. Try to go with the flow, or ask questions beforehand so you’re not caught off guard.

4. Feasting and drinking before treatment. This is one of the bad spa behaviors people might not often consider. But when you lie down after a heavy meal, your blood flow gets concentrated in your stomach. That’s not a good recipe for a successful massage. Plus, if you guzzle too much liquid right before you spa visit, you risk having to disrupt your treatment with a bunch of bathroom breaks. Go light on food and drink before you head into the spa for a much more enjoyable experience.

5. Showing up late. For most day spas, plan to arrive fifteen minutes early. The last thing you want to do is leave yourself racing to make what should be a soothing appointment. Give yourself plenty of time — spas plan on early arrivals, so you’ll have space to kick back and relax before your treatment starts. For larger, upscale spas and special resort and destination locations, you want to arrive much earlier to fill out paperwork, take a tour of the facilities, sample the amenities, and change into your spa clothes at leisure. Don’t make the spa staff and guests wait, and don’t stress yourself with a hectic entrance!

6. Skipping the tip. A 15-20% is typical in day spas. Resort spas often add a gratuity to your bill, but not all of it goes to the therapist. So if you want to reward someone in particular, ask the front desk how to tip. And remember: if you were given a gift certificate, ask if a tip is included! You don’t want to leave your therapist empty-handed after all that time and care.

7. Flaking out. Of all the bad spa behaviors, this is up there with the worst. Most spas have a 24-hour cancellation policy, and if you left a credit card number, you might be charged. Remember, a therapist might have come into the spa just for you. If you leave them hanging and then fight the charge, they won’t get paid! To avoid such disasters, be sure to let the spa know ASAP if you can’t make your appointment.

And there you have it! It’s not so easy to avoid these seven cardinal spa sins, is it? Now, relax and enjoy that treatment!

bad spa behaviors

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