The Spa Week Daily team recently had the opportunity to try three sponges from boscia’s Konjac Cleansing line, and two out of three of us were instantly smitten.

boscia’s line of Konjac cleansing sponges are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, and they’re made of 100% natural ingredients. Each one is designed to target different skin types. The bamboo charcoal infused sponge is best for people with combination or oily skin, because it draws out impurities, soaks up excess oil, and minimize the size of pores. The complexion-clearing green clay sponge is recommended for people with acne-prone skin, and the hydrating red clay version is best for people with normal to dry skin.


boscia cleansing sponges

All three promise to gently cleanse, exfoliate and clarify to reveal clearer brighter-looking skin, and they more than deliver. Priced at just $15 each with a promise to be good for 2-3 months, they’re truly a beauty steal. The sponge can be used with or without a cleanser or makeup remover, and keeping it in top condition is simple: rinse, squeeze out excess water, and hang from the attached string to dry after each use.

I have very oily skin and I’m always looking for new ways to curb my shine. But I still wasn’t sure how I was going to tie the Bamboo Charcoal sponge into my already product-and-ritual-heavy skincare routine, since most of the steps involve prescription products and cleansers plus additional makeup removing products. I decided to just give it a try, using it immediately after cleansing my face in the morning and at night. I was a bit nervous to stray from my doctor-prescribed routine, but the sponge is made up of just two all-natural ingredients, natural konjac root fiber and bamboo charcoal, so I figured nothing too bad could come of it.

I opted to use the sponge without cleanser or makeup remover, and from the first time I massaged the soft pillowy puff around my face and neck I was totally hooked. And I wasn’t the only one. Below is an excerpt from a Skype chat the Spa Week Daily team recently had at the office about our Konjac Cleansing Sponge experiences:


Ani: You guys, after using Origin’s Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask + boscia Revitalizing Black Hydration Gel my skin hasn’t been oily all day. That’s a HUGE improvement. It’s usually out of control and I have to oil blot constantly even without any makeup.

Leah: #charcoal4life

Beth: Yeah, I think that’s the biggest draw for charcoal!

Ani: Well, I’m impressed.

Beth: I’m REALLY into the boscia sponge. If it keeps up, I’m keeping it around.

Leah: Meh.

Ani: Yeah, I like it too. It’s so, like, soft and cozy…

Beth: Leah, you’re still not into it?

Leah: I’m too in love with my Clarisonic.

Ani: Oooh. I see.

Beth: Ahhh.

Ani: I have a Clarisonic, but my dermatologist told me to stop using it. He said it exfoliates too much.

Beth: I’ve always wanted to try one, but now I feel like I’m a reformed character.

Ani: Because of boscia?

Beth: Yes! I actually like it for the exact reason Leah doesn’t like it. It lets me go through the motions of scrubbing, but protects me from myself because it’s so gentle. For some reason once I start moving it around on my skin, I kind of don’t want to stop. So my face gets a cleansing massage instead of the usual scouring.

Ani: YES. We can swoosh it all over forever without overdoing it. And I think it really does make my skin look clearer and brighter after I use it.

Beth: Exactly. My skin is so much more balanced. The dryness is going away and my cheeks are getting all, like, smooth and tender.

Leah: Ugh. I need to get back into it.

Beth: Give it a chance!

Ani: Haha, you don’t have to like it. I think it’s really cool that it lasts for 2-3 months, though. For $15? That’s actually a great little beauty bargain.

Beth: You know what? It actually reminds me of something my mom has been telling me for a few months. She learned as a nurse that super-light massage is really stimulating to your capillaries and helps oxygen and blood flow right under the skin. People prefer deep massage and pressure but light rubbing is actually more beneficial sometimes?

Ani: Ugh not me, give me the lightest massage in the world and I’m on cloud nine. I can’t do that deep tissue stuff.

Beth: I’ve had some insane muscle problems in my neck and shoulders that made me crave rougher massages, but after I took her advice and started trying lighter massages I was shocked by how deep the relief went. Anyway, I feel like maybe the sponge makes the same thing happen, because it absorbs all the shock/pressure you would normally use when you scrub your face.

Ani: It has also stopped me from picking at my face.

Beth: Weird, how does it help with that?

Ani: Usually, after I wash it I get all up in the mirror and pick or whatever. But with the sponge I just sit on the couch using it, and by the time I’m done I’m just ready to hang it out to dry and put on lotion. It’s a nice little distraction.

Beth: That’s super cool. This thing is like a psychological beauty hack.

Ani: Yes. Amazing.

Beth: I’ve used so many sponges, too. Seriously. And cleansing cloths. Remember Buf-Pufs? That was my first skincare addiction!

Beth : Buf-Pufs and Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleanser. OMG, I can smell them now…

Ani: Neutrogena was my jam! Hah, “oil-free.” Now it’s all about the oil! I don’t remember Buf-Pufs.

Beth: I still see them here and there. They’re like little flat exfoliation pads for your face and they’re soooo addictive.

Ani: Ahh, those Brillo pad things!

Beth: Haha yes! They scrub so hard.

Ani: They’re like steel wool compared to boscia sponges.

Beth: We should honestly just do a WE’RE OBSESSED post because we’re clearly obsessed with these things on a cult-like level.


And here we are.

The bottom line is that these sponges go above and beyond their promise of making skin look radiant, healthy, and fresh. The ritual of using them is a bit therapeutic and the pillowy puffs kept us from committing two major skincare no-nos: picking and over scrubbing. Obviously, I’m a huge fan of this skincare product and I fully intend to keep it in my beauty arsenal until the horrible day comes when they stop making it. And even though, good luck prying it from my cold dead hands.

Here’s Beth’s take on why she loved her red clay-infused Konjac sponge: I absolutely hate washing my face at the end of the day, but I want clean skin, so it’s usually a quick and extremely vigorous affair. Since I started taking cues from Asian skincare practices, I’ve been trying to exfoliate less and massage my face more. The first time I used the boscia sponge with a cleansing oil, I was actually frustrated by how soft it felt. I didn’t feel it DOING anything. But after I paired it up with a good foamy charcoal soap, I felt much more satisfied and found myself weirdly addicted to the way it felt on my skin. Every time I use it, I keep thinking “just a few more seconds.” By the time I’m bored of buffing my face with it, my skin has gotten a super cleansing massage. A few weeks later, my skin looks !@#%^ amazing and I’m raving about this sponge like a lunatic. Bury me with it. I’m converted.

Would you purchase again? I will purchase every 2-3 months until the end of time.

As much as we preached the good word, Leah didn’t take to her Konjac sponge with green clay. Here’s why: Are you guys still talking about this? I’m just hooked on my Clarisonic. I like the hardcore scrub it gives my skin so the sponge felt too light and wispy for my taste.

Would you purchase again? No. Can I get back to work now?

Beth and I stand by the belief that if Leah gave the Konjac Cleansing Sponge another shot she’d be hooked just like us. To try it for yourself, head over to Sephora and pick one up for just $15. No, seriously though. You won’t be disappointed.

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