5 Weird Spa Treatments from Around the World

We’ll be honest: We love weird spa treatments. If you’re a regular here on the Spa Week Daily, you know we like to be first in line for new and interesting products and services, from flotation chambers to freaky lip plumpers. Thankfully, we never run out of things to try. If only we could be everywhere at once!

There are countless beauty and wellness services around the world, all related to various cultural practices, belief systems, regional traditions, and local resources. Some are intriguing, others are baffling, and many even sound horrifying to outsiders. What’s your reaction to these weird spa treatments?

Weird Spa Treatment No. 1

Orgasm Hotel


  • Where: Sweden
  • Price: $150 and up for a double room

As far as weird spa treatments go, this sounds a lot more freaky than it actually is. Although we guess your mileage may vary. The Venusgarden hotel in Scania, Sweden is sort of like a sexual wellness resort. Owned by an orgasm coach, Venusgarden offers rooms stocked with erotic material and sex toys, as well as providing guests with a copy of the owner’s best-selling book Orgasming More. Hey, whatever gets you glowing.

Weird Spa Treatment No. 2

Sound Bath



  • Where: California
  • Price: $500 for two hours

The Integratron looks sort of like an observatory and describes itself as a “resonant tabernacle and energy machine located on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.” The 38-foot high wooden dome was designed for the purpose of rejuvenation and time travel. This is not a joke.

The Integratron is open to the public and hosts a wide variety of visitors for 60-minute sonic healing sessions, in which quartz crystal singing bowls are played in a way meant to tap the chakras and soothe the nervous system. We’re not knocking this place — we’d try it out in a heartbeat. But out of all the weird spa treatments we’ve heard of, this one definitely deserves a special prize for, well, weirdness.

 Weird Spa Treatment No. 3

Fish Spa

  • Where: All over East Asia
  • Price: $5 and up

In many East Asian countries, pedicures are for the fishes. Kind of. At spas like the Sampuoton Fish Spa in Malaysia, you can pay to rest your feet in a tank teeming with carp minnows nicknamed “doctor fish.” The fish swarm around your feet to nibble away dead skin.

At best, the sensation is compared to flocks of tiny kisses; at worst, like ants crawling on your feet. Some people can’t handle how ticklish it is. Health experts aren’t huge fans of these weird spa treatments, but devotees swear these aquatic dips can cure psoriasis, gout, eczema, and a host of other ailments. Others just dig that fish spa smoothness.

Weird Spa Treatments No. 4

Horse Reiki



  • Where: Australia
  • Price: Around $150

Many weird spa treatments involve a little animal assistance. You may have heard of reiki, a Japanese healing art in which beneficial energy is passed from practitioner to client to target physical and emotional issues. But at Free Rein Australia, the reiki practitioners are all horses.

The treatment involves lying on a massage bed in the middle of a corral with a group of horses, who horse-whisper amongst themselves to determine which imbalances to target and who’s the right horse for the job. Of course, horse reiki requires the use of noses rather than hands.

The ranch owners claim that since horses are free-roaming creatures (they have 90 acres to wander between treatments), they have no emotional baggage. Fair enough. Furthermore, they exist on a higher electromagnetic field, making them well equipped to boost clients’ energy vibrations.

Weird Spa Treatment No. 5

Snake Massage

  • Where: Indonesia
  • Price: $36 for a session

Imagine yourself covered in a blanket made of snakes. If the thought fills you with terror and disgust, this probably isn’t the treatment for you. (Also, my bad.) But if you feel like that might be your thing, check out the Snake Massage at Bali Heritage Reflexology Spa in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What happens during a snake massage? You lie on your back while a massage therapist covers you in giant pythons, and then you just chill for awhile as they slither all over you. As far as weird spa treatments go, this is pretty far up on the creepy scale.

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If you had to choose one of these weird spa treatments, which one would you try?

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