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To celebrate Mother’s day we put together two mom-themed giveaways last week.  With five $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Cards and a Plum Hill gift set up for grabs we got to chose a total of six winners! Did you win? Find out below!

Love Your Mom Giveaway

Prize: $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card


To enter to win a $50 Spa & Wellness Gift Card we asked you to tell us how show love to the mom in your life. Here are the winning answers!

Patricia C:

 “I love to surprise my mother with things she would never buy for herself or do for herself. For instance, I booked her a room in Annapolis for her grandson’s graduation from USNA. A spa day just might be icing on the cake!”

Tara M:

“My Mom passed away last year, but I do pray to her all the time & tell her thank you for everything she did for me and how much I love and miss her. She was my best friend for 35 years and that is something that you can never replace. But I make it a habit to think of all the good times we had together.”

Angela M:

“I sent my mother-in-law a nice gift basket from my husband and myself and flowers from her granddaughters. She’s a great mom to me ♡ I lost my mom almost 7 years ago”

Lia M:

“Simply…..saying I love you. We don’t live near one another, so calling, texting, sending pictures, flowers, etc. She says she doesn’t need material things, so it makes even more special when she receives something and it’s unexpected.”

Heather S:

“I show love by helping her especially with her computer questions.”

Plum Hill Giveaway


Prize: Two Plum Hill Body Essential Gift Packs

To enter to win a set of two Plum Hill Body Essential gift packs we asked you to spill the best beauty secret your mom ever gave you.

Jodi R:

“When you have a little girl put a baby shampoo on your finger and run it along the underside of her eyebrows pushing gently up when you’re giving her a bath–she’ll have a naturally great arch for the rest of her life. It works.”

We were positively tickled by Jodie R’s answer. We don’t know for a fact that this adorable beauty tip works, so we’ll just take her word for it!

Congrats to all of our giveaway winners! Tune in tomorrow for our weekly #TransformationTuesday giveaway for another chance to win some great beauty products.







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