What does your lipstick print say about you? Review our kiss mark meanings and see what rings true!

You may know by now what the shape of your lipstick says about you, but what about the print it leaves behind? Drawing on a lifetime of beauty article studies, personality tests, and amateur fortune telling, we’ve compiled a new and improved guide to kiss mark meanings to help you personify your pout. This guide to kiss mark meanings has been illustrated with love by Spa Week staffers and Too Faced Melted Metal Metallic Lipsticks.

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Kiss Mark Meanings No. 1

The Hot Mess



A big, round kiss mark with deeply saturated color and a little bit of a smear indicates that you’re not afraid to walk on the wild side. You’re not shy about your honest thoughts and feelings, nor do you run away from a good challenge. You know how to live, laugh, and love with plenty of passion, and no one could ever call your real-ness into question.

Kiss Mark Meanings No. 2

The Wise Listener


A nice full upper lip means you’re sensitive to what others around you are thinking and feeling. Friends trust you to listen compassionately when they come to you in confidence, and you have a reputation for helping people work through their problems and challenges. You take satisfaction in offering a shoulder to cry on, and you know that all good karma comes right back around. Just make sure you have a listener of your own in your life. You need a shoulder to cry on sometimes, too!

Kiss Mark Meanings No. 3

The Sparkling Diamond


If you can trace a neat diamond around your kiss mark, it’s a safe bet that you’re known for the sparkle in your eye. Your positive energy and go-get-’em attitude open doors — not only for you, but for the people fortunate enough to be around you. You’ve got success in your cards, and your friends and family can always count on you to be as generous as you are blessed.

Kiss Mark Meanings No. 4

The Sleepy Ghost


Are you really here? Or are you drifting somewhere far away? A faint and wispy kiss mark could mean your mind is off in the clouds, but more often indicates that you’re running on fumes. When was the last time you had a full night’s sleep? Pour yourself a cup of chamomile and perk up that pucker before it disappears!

Kiss Mark Meanings No. 5

The Clever One


A picture-perfect print with clean edges and a full upper lip mean you’ve got a wealth of charms and talents up your sleeves — whether you know it yet or not. Your sense of humor qualifies you to be the life of the party, but you’re not usually one to seek attention. Even if you prefer a cozy spot on the sidelines, your sharp eye and witty observations will draw fans into your zone as long as you live.We can probably assume your selfie game is on point, too.

Kiss Mark Meanings No. 6

The Fussy Fencer


A thin upper lip with a narrow opening between your smackers shows you’re attracted to stressful situations. You can’t resist diving in to untangle knots and clean up messes, and you tend to test the limits of your own comfort zone by bending rules and trying new things. For someone who likes to walk to the line, though, you seem a bit high-strung. Maybe trade your next weird adventure for a spa day?

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