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Peptide products are the cool new kids on the block right now in beauty. These natural molecules are quickly becoming one of the most popular magic ingredients in high-end skincare products, and it’s no wonder. Peptides work beneath the surface of our skin to break down and then replenish collagen, which helps keep us looking toned and taut. As we age, our peptide power starts to fade. That’s where peptide products come in to save the day.

Once in a while, we get a product so thrilling it almost breaks us inside to have to give it away. This Transformation Tuesday is one of those occasions, but we can take comfort in knowing how much you’re going to love these amazing peptide products from Nordic Beauty. These stunning products are packed with peptide power and normally retail for over $400!

To score these luxurious Nordic Beauty peptide products for your own, join us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and tell us the beauty splurge of your dreams. We’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

Nordic Beauty Peptide Products

Nordic Beauty’s top-of-the-line peptide products harness the power and purity of the cold sea waters of Northern Norway, with marine collagen peptides extracted from wild-caught deep-sea Norwegian cod skin. The brand uses a technology that purifies, hydrolyzes and uses an enzymatic process to separate specific amino acids, resulting in a product that exceeds purity standards. The resulting products help reduce skin lines and wrinkles while preventing further degenerative aging effects. The special formula includes marine collagen peptides from Norway, organic lingonberry extract, and organic iris stem cells.

One & Only Forever 29 Collagen Peptide Serum


Discover the natural scientific wonders of marine collagen peptides drawn straight from cold Norwegian sea water with this highly effective Collagen Peptide Serum. This product is Nordic Beauty’s shining star. “This serum has proven efficacy in reversing the effects of aging related to the skin,” says Nordic Beauty CEO Mette Risdal. “It is our most effective solution for reversing the effects of aging on more mature skin and helping to preserve the youthful appearance for younger individuals. Available through Nordic Beauty, $285.

Youth Collagen Peptide Cream


This super hydrating cream gives collagen a mega-boost thanks to those potent Norwegian marine collagen peptides. Nordic Beauty Youth Collagen Peptide Cream also includes rosehip seed oil, borage oil, and green tea extract for an incredible natural formula that delivers major results. Available through Nordic Beauty, $130.


Check out the rest of Nordic Beauty’s all-natural organic beauty products on their website. Then join us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and tell us about the beauty splurge of your dreams for a chance to win these peptide products for yourself.

What’s the beauty splurge of your dreams? 


8 Responses

  1. Angela Mason

    I could use a nice relaxing spa day! I have never experienced it..but my friends love it!

  2. Tina Knezevic

    My beauty splurge is soring water. I drink 9 cups a day which hydrates my skin, keeps me youthful and it’s very inexpensive.

  3. Gina Fann

    This would probably be my dream products they sound really good

  4. Laurie

    The beauty splurge of my dreams is probably an unlimited supply of skincare products.


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