Slide into the warm summer weather with three of our favorite dairy-free frozen treats!

Although I have a very strong love of cheese, ice cream, and every dairy product in between, my stomach definitely does not. If you’re like me, summer desserts can be a tricky topic. From lactose-rich chocolate ice cream cups to yogurt-filled smoothies, it all sounds amazing — but can end horribly.

Still, dairy sensitivity doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all of the fun! Luckily for you, finding tasty dairy-free treats is one of my favorite pastimes. Check out three of my favorite summertime delights.

Dairy-Free Frozen Treats No. 1

Sea Salt Caramel Coconut Ice Cream

Recipe by Minimalist Baker

Ice cream cones are a summer necessity. Unfortunately, dairy-free ice creams usually come in the form of fruity sorbets. While these are definitely delicious, sometimes you just crave something creamy. Well, grab your tiniest bikini, because this coconut cream treat is naturally sweetened to satisfy your sweet tooth minus all of the guilt. Goodbye dairy cravings!  Click here to get the recipe from

Dairy-Free Frozen Treats No. 2

Creamy Dulce De Leche Pops

Recipe by Minimalist Baker

Eating treats off of popsicle sticks will always be a warm-weather favorite. However, while extremely sugary, water-based ice pops are great when you’re a kid, you’ve grown up — and so has your palette. This dairy-free delight not only offers a healthy alternative for caramel lovers, but they’re also super easy to make — you only need five ingredients! If this isn’t the perfect poolside pop, I don’t know what is. Click here to get the recipe from

Dairy-Free Frozen Treats No. 3

Summer in a Cup Smoothie

Recipe by Minimalist Baker

A refreshing smoothie on a warm summer evening can be the perfect ending to a long, hot day. This summer, we are forgoing the dairy-heavy yogurt and adding in a rich almond milk for the the perfect pick-me-up. The ingredients in this marga are perfectly in season and the beautifully bright final product will put a smile on any face. Go grab your blender, because you are not going to want to miss out on this. Click here to get the recipe from

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What’s your favorite dairy-free summer dessert?

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