High tech beauty gadgets have become increasing popular. Starting around $150 these beauty tools don’t come cheap. Are they worth the hefty price tag?

Skincare companies are always trying to bring the most innovative tools and gadgets out of the spa and into the home. Inspired by super expensive medical grade machines, these portable at-home versions promise great results, but they don’t come cheap. I tried four high tech beauty tools to see if they’re actually worth the price.

 Foreo Luna

high tech beauty tools

Foreo’s Luna is an adorable skin cleansing device that also offers anti-aging benefits. The cute little bugger is made of silicon, making it gentle on skin and easy to clean, it’s also 35% more hygienic than nylon brushes. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Clarisonic. Another benefit to the Luna is that its charge lasts up to 900 minutes.  If you use it for the recommended two minutes twice a day, that’s an impressive 225 sessions without having to plug in. And hey, I’m not trying to bash the Clarisonic — I have one of those, too — but the Luna doesn’t require a change of brush head.

The Luna comes in a few different styles: one for sensitive to normal skin, a combination model, a mini version, and one made specifically for men. I use the model made for sensitive to normal skin just once a day to take my makeup off and vanquish germs, which it does beautifully, removing 99.5% of all dirt and 98.8% of all makeup. All I do is lather a bit of water and two pumps of Skin Laundry’s Nourishing Cleansing Oil onto my face and massage with the Luna for a relaxing minute or two while I watch the day melt right off.

I’m totally addicted to my little pink Luna. My skin always looks clear and bright after I use it, because it increases micro-blood circulation and I wake up in the morning looking refreshed because it’s gentle vibrations relax my facial muscles out of their usually tense state and into sleepy submission.

Price: The Luna Retails for $199 and the Mini sells for $139.

Is it worth the price? Yes! I’ll forever be loyal to my Luna.

Le Mieux 4-in-1 Ultrasonic Anti-Aging Skin Perfector

high tech beauty tools

The 4-in-1 Skin Perfector utilizes ultrasonic waves to gently cleanse, improve skin’s absorption of creams and serums, remove buildup using non-abrasive micro-exfoliation, and improve the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. To cleanse, users are instructed to wet skin thoroughly and hold the unit with the tip of the spatula angled down, gliding it from the center of the face outward.

There is actually quite a bit of direction involved to achieve maximum results from each of the four treatments. Our writer Leah attempted to try it out, but was a bit put off by the rigamarole. “It seemed like a lot more work than I was willing to put in, but some people might be into that,” Leah explained. By all accounts, it looks like this 4-in-1 tool actually does work, when given the proper chance.

Price: Le Mieux 4-in-1 Ultrasonic Anti-Aging Skin Perfector retails for $189.

Is it worth the price? No, but only because we didn’t give it the time to shine. With regular use we’d be willing to bet that its results are in fact worth the price.

Silk’n Blue 

high tech beauty tools

Silk’n Blue utilizes light energy to destroy bacteria beneath the skin’s surface, and a dermal heating system to target overactive oil, dehydrating them to prevent further breakouts. I found the FDA approved gadget easy and convenient to use even though takes upwards of 20-30 minutes per session and it must be used for approximately 3-7 weeks for full results. After that, they recommend once a week sessions for maintenance.

Here’s how it works: Skin must be completely dry before use, so I washed and thoroughly patted it dry to make sure my face was free of cleansers, moisturizers, or oil. Then I plugged in the Silk’n Blue and waited for the green “ready” light to switch on. When the device was ready to go I chose a problem area on my face to target, gently pressed the warm device against my skin and held for 3-4 minutes.

Basically, if you want to work on your skincare game while catching up on Netflix or HBO Go, this is the device for you. I set my iPhone alarm so I’d know exactly when to move on to the next area of my face. Overall it takes around 30 minutes for a full face treatment, but if you’re catching up on Real Housewives or Veep, who’s counting?

After using the Silk’n Blue I made sure to quench my skin so it wouldn’t dry out from the dermal heating system. My must-haves for maximum hydration are Benefit’s Total Moisture Facial Cream and It’s Potent! Eye Cream.

Price: The Silk’n Blue retails for $149.

Is it worth the price? I was skeptical, so I reached out to a med spa esthetician who regularly works with light therapy on patients with acne-prone skin. She explained that while the Silk’n Blue is not as powerful as the machines you’d find at the dermatologist or med spa, it has the capabilities to deliver the same results. It just takes longer, requiring daily treatments for 3-7 weeks.

GLO Science Personal Teeth Whitening System

high tech beauty tools

GLO Science’s Personal Teeth Whitening System touts the ability to whiten teeth up to eight shades with the average user seeing their teeth five shades whiter. Either way, that’s a whole lot of whitening power. Did I mention it only takes five days? Not too shabby, Glo Science. The starter kit comes with 10 whitening gel, or G-Vials, that must be applied to teeth before starting each session. Equipped with pre-timed eight-minute session intervals, this teeth whitening tool is hands-free and automatic. Heat and light are built directly into the device’s form-fitting mouthpiece which accelerates the whitening gel for fast and longer-lasting results.  All you have to do is swipe on the gel, insert the mouthpiece and turn it on. Eight minutes later you’ll be admiring your super pearly whites. At least, that was my experience!

Price: GLO Science’s Personal Teeth Whitening System retails for $220.

Is it worth the price? Yes. People are constantly asking me how I get my teeth so white.

Would you invest in one of these at-home beauty gadgets? Tell us in the comment section below!


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