New York Health & Racquet is so good to us here at Spa Week. Last time I caught up with you, dear readers, I had just enjoyed Surfs Up, one of the club’s water aerobics classes that ain’t for your grandma. This time, I’m fresh from hopping my heart out at Kangoo Power class!

When I was invited to attend Kangoo, I had no clue what it was. But after a quick Google search, I knew I was in. Kangoo actually refers to a pair of boots, Kangoo Jumps, that have the outerboot and bindings of a roller-blade and the jumping power of a kangaroo. Kind of. Seriously, though, the boots are equipped with adjustable and interchangeable springs that allow you to take your workout to the next level — and by that I mean up into the air!

Kangoo Jumps Class

I couldn’t wait to strap myself into a pair, but not before asking about the probability that this coordinated workout noob would break an ankle. I was assured that I would not because the outer boots, buckles, and liners offer ample ankle and foot support. I didn’t get an exact measurement, but the boots added an extra 7 inches to my height. So once I was secured into them, I couldn’t help but strut around feeling like a sexy stick bug super model or something.

Before class started, I couldn’t stop myself from hopping around and reveling at how fun I was having in the surprisingly stable boots. “How hard could this class be?” I thought to myself. “I wonder how much these cost? Would my friends put up with me if I decided to incorporate these into my daily life?”

Once the music was pumping and we were bouncing around in our Kangoos, I quickly gathered that this was not at all fun and games. However, even during the most intense moments when I had to push myself the hardest, I still enjoyed myself. So it kind of was all fun and games. But don’t get me wrong: This class is tough! I was panting, sweating and reaching for my water bottle throughout the entire 45 minutes of the high-energy class.

Kangoo Jumps are said to take up to 80% off stress off joints, but while your joints are given a rest, the rest of your body is working double time. I read that Kangoo users burn 25-50% more calories during a workout than those who opt for boring old sneakers. I don’t doubt it. The pseudo-moon boots had my heart pounding and my muscles burning. They amped up every aspect of the workout, because I had to really tighten my muscles in order to have control of my body in the boots. At least, that was my very humble beginner experience.

I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone who loves an intense workout. Scratch that: I’d recommend this class to anyone who just loves having fun and doesn’t mind getting their sweat on. Even if hard workouts aren’t for you, I guarantee you’ll still enjoy it!

Kangoo Power Schedule at New York Health & Racquet Club
Tues: 7:15pm at 50th St and 8:30pm at 23rd St.
Thursday: 7:15pm at 50th St

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