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This has to be one of our favorite weekend giveaways ever! Last week we introduced you to Fashletics creator and founder Sarah Wilson, a truly #fitspirational figure who turned her love of fitness into one of the most interesting new workout clothing and accessory brands on the block! Fashletics combines cute, comfy, high-performance pieces with gym-friendly jewelry stamped with motivational messages. What we love about this concept is how it helps integrate your fitness goals into your daily life even when you’re not workout out. The jewelry and apparel designs are totally cute enough to wear out and about, so you can stay on a steady diet of motivation — and look cute at the same time!

For our weekend Fashletics giveaway, we offered up a killer set of workout gear to get you in the mood for summer fitness: A Fashletics tank, coin purse, and bracelet emblazoned with “Choose Strength” and “Strong Is Beautiful.” Amen! To choose a winner, we asked you to tell us all about your current fitness goal. And, you guys? You are all awesome. Seriously. From your weight loss and fitness progress, to the reasons you have for wanting to be healthy, to your dreams of being active and energetic for years and years to come, we were totally impressed and motivated by all your comments.

But you know how it is, right? There can only be one winner! Drum roll, please…


Amanda G: My goal is to lose a few pounds and tone my problem areas. I want to be healthier! Not saying I want to be skinny (there is nothing wring with people who want to be or are) I just want to be fit and healthy. And if that means still being chunky but healthy…that’s fine by me!

That’s the right attitude, Amanda! As one of our favorite quotes goes, “Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.” We know you’re going to love these Fashletics goodies and hope you let us know how your fitness journey goes!

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We always want to hear about your fit-spiration. Tell us how your fitness goals are going in the comments!

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