Spa Week goes abroad! Join Ani as she tests out some lovely new SPF products in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

Hola! Editorial director Ani Palen here checking in from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where I’m enjoying some rest and relaxation with a good side of fun in the sun. Speaking of, ever since our Susan Posnick feature I’ve been taking my sun safety  very seriously. So, I’ve been making it rain at the beach with a lot of top notch SPF goodies. So far my absolute favorite SPF products have been Benefit’s Dream Screen for my face and Supergoop Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil for my body.

With its SPF 45 and oil-free formula, Dream Screen really is quite dreamy. I have super oily skin so face sunscreen is kind of a nightmare for me, but this delightful product has kept my face looking and feeling matte and silky, and better yet, sunburn-free. After a few quick shakes of the gorgeous little bottle, all you need is a few drops to cover your entire face and neck. So yes, while it might be pricey at $32, this facial sunscreen will get you through the entire summer and quite a bit beyond. 



Supergoop’s Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil sounds like an oxymoron, because who would be silly enough in 2015 to slather oil on themselves before laying in the sun? But trust me, this stuff delivers on its promise to keep skin free of sunburn with its SPF 50. And despite the name “goop,” the formula applies flawlessly. Just give it a few generous spritzes, gently rub into your skin, and you’re safe from harmful rays for at least two hours. Of course, always reapply sunscreen after you take a dip in the pool or ocean. This is definitely one of the more unique SPF products out there, and I am loving it!

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