Summer fruits aren’t just for salads. Treat your skin to a medley of berries, citrus and more with these delectable fruit based skin products!

When summer comes around, I go fruit crazy. A month from now I’ll be swimming in blueberry smoothies and strawberry tarts, making watermelon ice cubes and happily chopping up pineapples. But the fruit loot doesn’t end in the kitchen. No! Not when there are so many gorgeous fruit based skin products to plunder. Check out my current wish list and try to collect them all. It’s a fruit salad for your face!

Fruit Based Skin Products No. 1

Apple Facial Peel


This bestselling alpha hydroxy acid peel from Juice Beauty offers spa-grade exfoliation while promising to brighten, lighten and tighten your skin. The Green Apple Peel is a major beauty boost, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation with the power of certified organic ingredients. That’s a serious piece of fruit. $45, available at Juice Beauty.

Fruit Based Skin Products No. 2

Fruit Serum


Like most of the beauty world, we’re all about serums at the moment. And since it’s summer time, I want a fruit version! This Super Fruits Concentrated Serum from 100% Pure is recommended for mature skin types, which is a bonus — I just turned 30, which I plan to use as an excuse to go wild on all the skincare products of my dreams. The Super Fruits serum contains 100% Pure’s Super Fruits blend, including oils of pomegranate and acai, coffee extract, goji berry, elderberry, mangosteen, and more, along with a nice dose of Vitamins A, C and E. Fruit me up, please. $45, available at 100 Percent Pure.

Fruit Based Skin Products No. 3

Blueberry Body Wash


You can’t really go wrong with the Yes To brand. Not only are their products cruelty free and packed with our favorite natural ingredients, they’re also reasonably priced and available at drugstores. The Yes To Blueberries Ultra Hydrating Body Wash contains shea butter and antioxidant-packed blueberries, and doesn’t contain any petroleum, SLS or parabens. Also, it doubles as a bubble bath! Talk about a fruit you can root for. $8.99, available at drugstores and

Fruit Based Skin Products No. 4

Avocado Eye Cream


You’ve probably heard all about Kiehl’s beloved Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, but I’m here to chime in and tell you that I love it, too! I can never get enough moisture around my eye area, and I have the sensitive, weak, and watery eyes of a sad little cave creature. But this stuff is the creamiest, most hydrating eye treatment on the block, and it stays right where you put it — meaning it won’t sneak into the corners of your eyes and turn you into a total mess. Salute that fruit! $28.50, available at Kiehl’s.

Fruit Based Skin Products No. 5

Mango Shampoo


Yes, it’s a shampoo, but your scalp is skin, too. And Burt’s Bees is one brand that knows what it’s doing when it comes to fruit based skin products. This Super Shiny Mango Shampoo nourishes your scalp and hair with mango seed oil and fig extract, soothing frizz for a natural, super shiny finish. This product is 99.7% natural, and did you know Burt’s Bees produces zero waste? That’s more exciting than a zoot fruit riot. No, don’t worry, I’ll see myself out. $8.00, available at drugstores and

Does this post have you craving something fruity for your taste buds? Make yourself an orange smoothie or a watermelon margarita!

What’s your favorite fruit based skin product? Tell us in the comments!

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