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In 2008, Heather Thomson decided to create something that would help women feel good about rocking what they’ve got. And so she founded Yummie by Heather Thomson, a line of fashionable, slimming shapewear designed to be the ultimate confidence boost. Since its launch, Yummie has expanded well beyond shapewear to include high-performance activewear, denim, intimates, and more. We recently had the chance to put an assortment of the brand’s pieces to the test and we were mega impressed by the quality of the apparel and its super slimming capabilities.

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A Q&A With Heather Thomson

We recently sat down with Heather Thomson, founder of Yummie by Heather Thomson, to ask her about motherhood, fitness, and more. Here’s the second installment of our two-part interview with the RHONY star!

What does your daily or weekly fitness routine look like?

My goal is in the least to do 30 minutes of some sort of focused physical activity a day, even if it’s just meditation or stretching. It generally works out to an hour at a time for four days a week, but, it’s a goal!

What’s your trick for sticking to a healthy fitness routine as a busy mom and career woman?

I try to set achievable fitness goals, but it’s important to realize that sometimes you will fall short and that beating yourself up doesn’t help. Each day begins anew, so just start over with the right intentions. There’s no such thing as the perfect balance. But if you try your best to focus on the goals and your intentions, you’ll see results.

How do you pump yourself up for a workout when you’re so exhausted you just want to go home and collapse?

I focus on how good I know it will make me feel afterward — about myself physically and mentally. Getting into the gym or into the outdoors and doing the work, even if it’s just walking vs blowing it off can be euphoric, so I usually will take the shot at it!

What jump started your interest in wellness and fitness?

Aging, wisdom, knowledge and being a mom. I have a beautiful family, and I want to be around for a very long time. I want to teach them about stacking the odds in our favor, making wise choices, reversing DNA and listening to our bodies. One important part of this is understanding the glaring warning signs we are seeing. We have alarming cases of disease in this country — heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity —  and they’re even affecting our children. We already know that most of the diseases we are treating and trying to manage are lifestyle related and preventable in this country. Change starts from the bottom up, and for me it basically boils down to increasing my knowledge and hopefully doing my part to encourage and promote tomorrow’s health care and prevention system, instead of the disease treatment and management system we currently have in this country.

How do you teach your kids the importance of eating healthy and staying active?

Mostly I try my best to teach them by example. Educating them on healthy choices. If you do the research, you’ll find what works best for you.

What’s your favorite go-to healthy snack?

Nuts! And I love Nourish Snacks. There are so many delicious flavor combinations.

Any spoilers to share about the upcoming season of RHONY?

It’s a great season! I love it too much to spoil it. Stay tuned!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced as a Real Housewife?

I could never repeat it in this interview! Honestly!

Would you join the RHONY cast again if you had the choice?

Deciding to be on the show was definitely a tough decision. While my head told me I was taking a tremendous risk, my gut told me that it was going to be worth it — and it was.

That wraps up part two of our #TransformationTuesday Q&A with Heather Thomson. For a chance to shape up with a $100 Yummie gift card join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tell us what question you’re going to ask Heather Thomson tonight during our live Twitter chat starting at 8PM Est!

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