Do you use a roller after working out? Here’s why I consider rolling an essential part of my fitness routine!

An active lifestyle often means aching, sore muscles. You know, the stiffness in your back from sitting at your desk all day or the tight feeling in your hip after a spinning class. You could go to yoga or pilates or even get a professional massage, but often times these solutions aren’t practical on a daily basis. That’s why you need a foam roller for a soft tissue massage, post-workout. Never used a roller after working out? It’s time to start.

I recently got my hands on a SKLZ Barrel Roller, a sturdy and portable 15 inch foam roller that comes in three levels of firmness and features a textured surface that helps aid in muscle recovery. Unlike most soft tissue massage rollers that are just foam, the Barrel Roller is constructed of PVC piping with foam on the outside. This guarantees durability.

I tried out the extra-firm density model since I have a Christian Grey threshold of pain tolerance, but foam rolling beginners might want to start with the soft or firm density models. I used the Barrel Roller after working out to massage my quads, calves, and IT bands to ensure that I left the gym feeling sprightly and rejuvenated. Rollers can also be used before and after activities to stretch, strengthen and increase muscle flexibility, so keep that in mind if you really want to enhance your next workout.


SKLZ Barrel Roller retails for $39.99.

Do you use a roller after working out? Share your post-workout tips in the comments!

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