The search for portable, affordable makeup is finally over! Learn about our new favorite brand, Stowaway.

It’s a Friday night scene that we all know too well: You’re packing your adorable little clutch for a night out on the town, but space is more limited than a studio apartment in Manhattan. Unfortunately, you have to make serious sacrifices. Should you bring a tube of lipstick for touch-ups throughout the night? But what if you need to reapply concealer to that hideous zit on your chin? The products you own are so big that you can’t bring both, so which do you choose?

It’s time to stop sacrificing your beauty essentials while still rocking a small sassy purse. Stowaway Cosmetics recently launched in February of this year and is already taking the beauty scene by storm. An entire kit comes in at only $75, including your color choices of one BB cream, concealer, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and a pot of lip and cheek rouge. Together, they are collectively tiny enough to all be held in the palms of your hands. Even if you don’t need it all, individual items are available from $10-$22 a pop. The perfect deal for tiny portable products.

stowaway Portable cosmetics

Radiant Complexion BB Cream

And what about traveling? Ah, the dreaded attempt to pack a carry-on bag, only to realize you’ll have to leave out your favorite BB creams and concealers because they’re too big and bulky. Are you supposed to sacrifice a full makeup look just to follow strict airline rules? Nope! These products are all small enough to pass TSA regulations, as well as taking up practically no space. Talk about staying fly.

The possibilities are don’t end there. Diaper bags? Hold onto every shred of mommy sanity with a pretty nude lipstick, tiny enough to nestle between the wet wipes and the fruit snacks. Going purse free? Tuck this little eyeliner into your pocket for a quick and easy retouch later in the day. Wherever you need to go, you can bring these little friends along for the ride.


But, as adorable, affordable, and portable as these products are…do they work? Obviously I had to test it out! This week I decided to do an entire makeup look using the full line and nothing else. The BB cream has the perfect weight and provided slight coverage to hide my uneven complexion. The concealer perfectly hid the dark circles under my eyes after I stayed up too late watching Friends re-runs. The lipstick and cheek rouge complemented each other perfectly while breathing a little life back into my face. The mascara and eyeliner added the perfect finishing touches for a flawless daytime makeup look. I really enjoyed the results of each item, and one of my coworkers even said that my skin looked “glowing.” Score!


Want to get in on the action? Head to the Stowaway Cosmetics website to purchase a set or individual products now!

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