It’s almost Memorial Day! How are you celebrating the holiday? A trip to the lake? A cookout with family? Here at the Spa Week office, we’re gearing up for a long weekend by squee-ing over some of our favorite Instagram babies — and giving away a few of our favorite baby necessities. Scroll through this adorable list and you’re sure to have a smile on your face in no time. And, make sure you check the bottom for a super special surprise!

1. Atticus Clark

"I promise it tastes good, mom.." 😝💜 #norway

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2. Isla Parcell

3. Rylee and Cru Murray

today was a good one

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4. Grayson Koon

apparently this is his duck face 😂🐣 // happy easter loves! 🐰🌸💗 #ohgrayson

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5. Oliver and Kyan Yim

morning cuddles and kisses | happy friday friends xo

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Aren’t these little nuggets just the cutest?! Now that you’ve swooned over some of the most precious babies online, we want to give away a slew of goodies to pamper your own little ones, and of course a little something for yourself. From a must-have baby oil to the perfect mess cleaning wipes, one lucky winner is about to fill her diaper bag to the brim with all of this amazing swag.

To enter, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and tell us the best thing about being a mom!

Scroll down for product descriptions. 


Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Cream-to-Powder. This stuff is so cool! Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Cream-to-Powder goes on as a diaper cream, then dries to a soft baby powder finish. This 2-in-1 formula lets you apply it exactly where it’s needed while offering the absorption benefits of a baby powder while leaving your baby’s skin soft, dry and smooth. It’s talc free, hypoallergenic, and 99 percent natural. $10 from Burt’s Bees.

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Chlorine-Free Wipes. These fragrance-free wipes feel like cloth and contain aloe and vitamin E, making them super soothing and gentle enough for everyday use. No chlorine of any kind is used in the making of this hypoallergenic fabric, so you can rest easy knowing its safe for your little one’s delicate skin. $5 from Burt’s Bees.

Burt’s Bees Buttermilk Soap. Ooh-la-la! This french-milled soap isn’t just for babies. Moms love it, too! The lush buttermilk-infused formula delivers artisanal luxury, leaving you and your baby clean, soft, and silky smooth. This 99.9% soap contains no phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS. Safe, effective, and natural! $5 from Burt’s Bees.

The Jojoba Company 100% Natural Baby Oil. A treat from Down Under! This 100% natural baby oil contains pure jojoba along with soothing organic ingredients like lavender, chamomile and moringa oils, delivering a rich dose of vitamins, antioxidants, and nine essential moisturizing fatty acids. $24.95 from The Jojoba Company.

Belli Stretchmark Minimizing Cream. Here’s one just for Mom! This specially formulated stretchmark minimizing formula is recommended by OB/GYNs and Dermatologists to help decrease the appearance of stretchmarks, even ones that have been around for a while. The cream includes avocado oil and ginseng to soften skin and even out the skin tone. It’s also cruelty free and contains no artificial fragrance, phthalates, or paraben preservatives. $49 from drugstores or Belli Skincare


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Congrats @mrsvkantro! We loved your answer– “The nine months of suspense leading up to meeting your new best friend!!” How cute is that? We have to say we totally agree. Enjoy your mommy + baby products!

4 Responses

  1. rachel cartucci

    The best thing about being a mom is knowing you will always have someone to love.

  2. Angela Poplar

    Being a mom is the best “non job” in the world! It comes with unconditional love and overtime gets paid out in extra hugs!

  3. Teresa Criddle

    I love being a mom and the best part is the hugs and kisses!!! !!!

  4. cortney Schnereger

    I love being a mom for several reasons but the joy of helping them grow and watching them achieve goals is a blessing.


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