This Workout Wednesday, I decided to try something quite different. But that doesn’t mean much, because coming from small town Virginia, the fitness opportunities are quite sparse. I mean, people think that taking a Zumba class at the local gym is an exciting, trendy experience. So when I moved to New York City, the world of exercise was opened to me. From cult classics like SoulCycle and Peloton to kangaroo inspired workouts, the opportunities were endless. But the best thing I discovered, is that there are actually workouts when you can feel sexy while you get fit. That’s right, I am talking about pole dancing.

When I told everyone that I would be taking a pole dancing class, I honestly did not expect to receive so many positive reactions. My girl friends were all extremely jealous and immediately starting planning a group to try out the class. My mother was surprisingly not horrified and actually quite interested to hear about the experience. My coworkers were all anxious to find out what really happens behind closed pole studio doors. Everyone was very welcoming to the idea.

Now, I know that you might be skeptical when I tell you I took a pole fitness class, but stick with me here. When most people hear the term “pole dancing,” they usually imagine sleezy nightclubs masked with a thick fog of cigar smoke accompanied by the clink of cheap champagne glasses. This is absolutely not the case at Body and Pole. The studio, the instructors, and the lessons are all very reputable and appropriate. Plus, they provide a powerful toning workout while allowing you to freely let your inner sexy self loose.


So, this week I strolled over to Body and Pole’s 27th Street location ready to unleash my inner sex appeal. As you know, I am a serious amateur when it comes to exercise, but thankfully, pole fitness is like nothing else. Because of this, even participants with a background in dance will learn something new with this class. Everyone starts off at square one together, making it ideal for both exercise beginners and experts alike.

I learned that for pole classes, gripping works best if the skin is exposed, so I donned my favorite itty bitty yoga shorts and a Yummie tank and sports bra combo. Once I had checked in, I grabbed a mat and plopped down on the floor assessing the competition. I was afraid to encounter super-fit ex-ballerinas and hot well-toned trophy wives. Thankfully, everyone seemed super normal, just like me.


Don’t let these pictures scare you. Inversions are not featured in the Intro to Pole class. However, you will be able to work up to them with enough practice and training.

We started off with some warm ups, including seductive twists on old classics, like “sexy” push-ups. Then, when it came time to learn each walk, twist, and spin, our instructor Zoe broke everything down into easy small steps to ensure that we all knew proper form and execution. From walking around the pole, to a backwards spin, Intro to Pole teaches all of the basics to prepare you for a fun adventure of pole fitness in the future. And don’t let the word “intro” fool you. You’ll still get an awesome, toning workout even on the first day. It’s so legit, that Zoe even offered us knee pads, which I thought I was way too cool for. And what do you know, but two days later and I still have knee bruises (although I like to think of them more as victory wounds).

After learning all of the moves, the class was ended by pulling it all together. For our final routine, Zoe turned on The Weeknd, which is about as sexy as it gets, and we squared up beside our poles ready to perform. Although I still felt pretty awkward doing the body rolls, and never quite mastered the front-facing spin, I felt great dancing alongside my fellow classmates. All in all, it was definitely a fun and exciting fitness experience. I would suggest this to anyone who is interested in stepping away from their normal fitness routine while adding a sexy flair to their workouts. and beyond.


Body and Pole suggests that participants take the Intro to Pole class three to five times before venturing off into a Pole I. Because of this, all of the basics are covered, ensuring a safe and fun experience in the future. Want to try it for yourself? Head to to book your first class for just $25.

Would you try a pole dancing fitness class? Let us know in the comments below.

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