Celebrate the month of dads and grads with Hike Yourself Healthy, a hiking giveaway with everything you need to walk new ground and capture the moment!

While fresh graduates around the world proudly pick up their hard-won diplomas, families and friends are also gearing up to honor dads and everything they do on Father’s Day. June is a month of mile-stones for dads and grads alike, which is why Spa Week is pleased to present an exhilarating hiking-themed giveaway in their honor.


Spa Week’s Hike Yourself Healthy giveaway has everything a dads or grad needs to walk new ground and capture the moment. One lucky winner will score a grand prize package including a pair of Ahnu Hiking Shoes, a Rico WG-20 Digital Camera Adventure Kit, a Pivotal Fitness Bracelet, a KOR Water Bottle, and three boxes of Älsa Energy Packets. Everything you need to get in the spirit of new adventures!

Check out the prize details below, then head over to SpaWeek.com and enter to win!

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Ahnu Hiking Shoes

The winner of our hiking giveaway can walk new ground in a brand new pair of hiking boots or shoes from Ahnu, a company that blends performance and style with awesome footwear for adventurers on the go. Check out all the styles available through Ahnu and enter to win your choice of the perfect shoe to Hike Yourself Healthy in.


Älsa Energy Packets

The winner will receive three boxes of Älsa Energy Packets in three refreshing flavors: Dragon Fruit, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Three Citrus. Each box contains 24 single-dose powder packets loaded with long-lasting energy and tons of essential vitamins and minerals, along with key ingredients to help maintain normal blood pressure, enhance metabolism and promote healthy brain activity. Just pour a stick of powder into 16 ounces of water for a quick fix of healthy, long-lasting energy.


Ricoh Digital Camera Adventure Kit

This awesome bundle includes a Rico WG-20 Digital Camera along with Pentax Jupiter III Binoculars and a Columbia River Eat’N Tool, which combines a spork, screwdriver, pry tool, three metric wrenches, and a bottle opener into one compact, Swiss Army-type tool. The Adventure Kit makes it easy to hit the trail and capture the moment, whether you’re snapping close-ups or enjoying a wider view from a mountaintop. And with the Eat’N Tool, you won’t have to eat that trail food with your hands!


KOR Water Bottle

The KOR ONE water bottle is a masterpiece of form and function. Made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan, the KOR ONE’s iconic shape features a hinged cap and threadless spout that make it easy to add ice, fruit, or whatever else your heart desires. No wonder this innovative drinking vessel has been called the best reusable bottle ever.


Pivotal Living Band

Track your progress as you walk new ground with the Pivotal Living Band, a sleek, simple fitness tracker that syncs with all your devices while tracking your activity stats through a personalized app. The Pivotal Band can also be set up with activity reminders and wake-up alarms, connected with other Pivotal wearers through social teams, and custom-tailored with your own personal goals. One lucky Hike Yourself Healthy winner will receive a black Pivotal Band with a free one-year membership to the Pivotal Living fitness program, making it easy to jump right into all those new adventures.

Excited? So are we! If you’re ready to Hike Yourself Healthy, head over to SpaWeek.com and enter to win this awesome hiking giveaway.

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