June is National Rose Month, but we could breathe in that dreamy fragrance all year long. Is there anything more naturally luxurious, more timelessly poetic, more hopefully romantic than the scent of rose petals? Let these decadent rose scented products carry you away.

How do you bottle the scent of a rose? First, you pick the roses — by hand, before sunrise. The petals are crushed and placed inside a large copper still, which is filled with water and then fired for an hour to an hour and a half. The vapors produced by the roses and oil travel are collected in a flask. A few more steps result in attar of roses, or rose essential oil. Isn’t that just lovely?

It takes anywhere from 1,500 to 10,000 pounds of rose petals to produce one ounce of essential oil, which explains the price points of high-quality rose scented products. Rose oil is diluted and mixed in a variety of ways to stretch its value. Many rose-based perfumes, flavorings and skincare products utilize rosewater, a useful byproduct of the oil distillation process with a much lower price tag.

Rosewater is also edible, and its unique flavor is widely used in Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine from marzipan to baklava. In Malaysia and Singapore, rosewater is mixed with milk to create a sweet drink called bandung. In Hindu, Muslim and Zoroastrian ceremonies, it’s used for purification and ritual perfume. In India, rosewater is used as an eye drop. And in Indian weddings, guests are often welcomed with a sprinkle of rosewater.

We could talk roses all day. But why talk when you could be luxuriating in these decadent rose scented products? From perfumes and candles to oils and teas, any of these products will leave you feeling, well, rosy.


L’Occitane Rose 4 Reines Bath & Shower Gel, $40

This luscious bath and shower gel gently cleanses and soothes your skin, leaving you delicately perfumed with the essence of distilled rose blossoms. Add it to a running bath and it transforms into a rich, fragrant foam that will have you feeling like a queen in the palace powder room.


Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, $24

How lovely! A spritz of this balancing mist hydrates your face while creating a little cloud of rose scented bliss. It leaves your skin moisturized and softened while giving you a dreamy moment of escape.


Fresh Rose Face Mask, $62

This beloved gel face mask is infused with real rose petals to hydrate and brighten the complexion. Along with pure rosewater, the mask features cucumber extract, aloe vera gel, algae, and green tea for a uniquely cooling treatment that leaves skin visibly soothed and improved. Really, the reviews speak for themselves!


Red Flower Moroccan Rose Petal Topped Candle, $38

Ah, this candle! It’s a delight even before it’s lit. Red flower candles come topped with a pile of loose petals that can be emptied into a dish, potpourri style, or sprinkled into a bath for a super decadent spa experience. The Moroccan Rose candle burns for 50 hours and delivers a dreamy blend of bulgarian rose, damascus rose, and rose otto with sexy undertones of coriander and patchouli. Love it.



Numi White Rose Organic Tea, $8

As a black coffee and bourbon kind of girl, I would never have reached for a rose tea on purpose. But one rainy morning, I wandered into the Spa Week office with a hankerin’ for some earl gray. Little did I know that the boxes of tea in the kitchen had somehow gotten scrambled. When I sat down at my desk and took a sip, I found out it wasn’t earl gray in my mug — it was something much more magical. “You guys!” I cried. “This tastes like what fairies would drink in a moonlit English garden!” In case that isn’t clear, I really enjoy this tea.

Any of these high quality rose scented products will add a lovely dose of natural romance to your routine. Which one do you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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