We caught up with a few of the lovely cast members from Orange Is the New Black at Christo on Fifth Avenue while they were getting glammed out by Caravan Stylist Studio. From three of your favorite Litchfield ladies, to one of the prison’s newest inmates, we chatted all things beauty, spa, and season 3.

Hit pause on Netflix and get ready to find out what some of your favorite Litchfield Penitentiary ladies have to say about all of this and more!

orange is the new black exclusive emily althaus

The Newbie: Introducing Emily Althaus as Maureen Kukudio

If you could smuggle one beauty product into jail, what would it be?

Emily: Hands down mascara.

Do you have a favorite?

Emily: I’ve been using something by MAC recently, I like MAC products. A lot.

My personal favorite is Benefit Rollerlash.

Emily: Benefit Rollerlash, I’ll do it. It’s done. I always take good mascara recommendations.

So you’re new to the show. What was it like joining a cast that’s been together for two seasons?

Emily: Honestly I expected it to be really intimidating but you couldn’t be a part of a warmer group of girls. I feel like it was comparable to joining a sorority. Everybody was wonderful.

Was hair and makeup for the show anything like you expected?

Emily: I thought for sure it would be stripped down, but I didn’t realize how stripped down. If they think there’s a little mascara from the night before, it’s coming off. I was told my first day that I have perfect prison hair. I don’t know what that means (laughs). But yeah, it was very stripped down, it’s totally different.

Are audiences going to love or hate your character?

Emily: Love. Adore. I would use that word. Extreme love. I think she’s charming, she’s a charming girl.

What’s your favorite part about your character’s look? I know it’s pretty basic.

Emily: I like that it is so basic, I like how raw it is. She’s not one that has any sort of added anything. So its like you know her hair is messy and it’s in her face a lot, I just like how raw that is. She’s a really honest gal.


orange is the new black exclusive julie lake

Julie Lake – Angie Rice

If you could smuggle one beauty product in to jail what would it be?

Julie: Lipstick. I feel like I can get away with wearing nothing but some dark lipstick. With lipstick, I’m semi put-together.

Your character doesn’t wear makeup, what’s your real life beauty routine?

Julie: To put it lightly, my character is disgusting. Those teeth. I don’t think my character has ever brushed her teeth. My real life beauty routine? I usually just use my fiance’s stuff. He spends a lot of money on like his face, he’s very metro, so his has like this nice Men’s Clinique toner, face wash, and face scrub and moisturizer, and I just steal all of his stuff, because I figure it can’t be that different from the girl’s.

In three words tell us what we can expect from this season.

Julie: (pauses) Funny. Sexy. Angie. Definitely more of Angie.

What shows do you binge watch?

Julie: So many shows. Game of Thrones, I binge watched the first four seasons in about a month, it was kind of sick. I binge watched all of Breaking Bad. The first show I ever binge watched was Friday Night Lights. My whole life was Friday Night Lights.

orange is the new black exclusive alysia reinerAlysia Reiner – Natalie ‘Fig’ Figueroa

If you could smuggle only one beauty product in to jail what would it be?

Alysia: Coconut oil. You can use it for everything, first of all it’s delicious, it’s amazing for your skin, it’s amazing for your teeth, it’s amazing for your hair.

What does it do for your teeth?

Alysia: It whitens your teeth, and also if you swish with it, it helps to detoxify your body.

What’s your favorite part about your character’s look?

Alysia: Extensions, extensions, extensions.

Yeah you definitely get some makeup and you get some hair!

Alysia: Some serious hair, like down to here (gestures towards waist). A lot of extensions. (Laughs) Serious blue eyeshadow.

So season 2 was a little rough for your character…

Alysia: Ya think?

Can we expect anything different from season 3?

Alysia: Here’s what I am going to say about season 3, ready? You may not see me all that much but you’ll see a lot of me.

Very mysterious. Okay, last question. We know you’re a spa girl, what’s your favorite spa treatment?

Alysia: Ahhh I love massage. I’m a massage hoe.

orange is the new black exclusive jessica pimental

Jessica Pimentel – Maria Ruiz

If you could only smuggle one beauty product in to jail what would it be?

Jessica: Coconut oil.

Your character doesn’t wear makeup, so what’s your regular everyday beauty routine off set?

Jessica: I have several different things that I like to use. I use stuff from Lift Lab. Once a week I use a facial from Grand Central Beauty.  I also use natural stuff like honey and coconut oil to take off makeup, it’s awesome for that.

In three words tell us what to expect from this season.

Jessica: Hold. On. Tight.

Wow we can’t wait! Last question, what’s your favorite part about your characters look?

Jessica: They do a really nice job with keeping her hair in shape. Every few weeks we do a nice haircut, so Maria always has really good hair and I love it, that they let us keep something. We have no makeup, so they let me keep my hair.

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