We are celebrating Season 3 of OITNB with a huge “Orange Is the New Black” giveaway.

It’s finally here! The day that so many of us have been anticipating since June 2014. That’s right, the third season of Orange Is the New Black is live on Netflix. Check out our exclusive interview with the cast of season 3 here.

We are celebrating the return of our favorite inmates with a huge OITNB giveaway inspired by the ladies of the Litch! From a fabulous red lipstick, to a book by Piper Kerman’s real-life husband, these goodies are going to get you seriously excited for Season 3. So grab your laptops and your favorite snacks, because we’re ready for an awesome Orange Is the New Black weekend.IMG_2874numbered

1. Piper Kerman landed herself in prison years after transporting drugs for her then-girlfriend. This advanced copy of Luxe by Ashley Antoinette tells the similar story of a young girl who winds up involved with the West Coast’s biggest drug empire. Scandalous! Available on September 8, 2015.

2. Piper Kerman’s real-life husband Larry Smith has written a new book and we’re giving away an advanced copy! That’s right, you will get to read The Best Advice in Six Words months before anyone else. What a perfect way to fill the void of an absent Larry during Season 3. Available on November 3, 2015.

3. The girls of Litchfield Penitentiary love a good romance novel, so we’re throwing in an advanced edition of Hannah and the Highlander by Sabrina York. This story tells the passionate tale of a young girl holding out for her one true love. With this riveting novel, you’ll have the most coveted book on the cell-block.  Available on September 1, 2015.

4. What would OITNB be without quick-witted sassy Russian chef, Red? As one of our personal favorite characters, we obviously have to pay homage to her vibrant hair. The best part? The Streekers Temporary Hair Color allows you to channel your inner Galina Reznikov without the commitment of permanent color. Available here.

5. This spicy mask is a throwback to Season 1 when Piper chewed up jalapeno peppers to make Red a soothing lotion for her back. Well, we found the perfect mask to recreate that legendary scene, (with much less crying, of course). The Eminence Organics – Eight Greens Phyto Masque (Hot) is made with paprika to give it an extra tingle. This fiery mask is a great way to revive your skin after a weekend of staying up late and binge watching Netflix.  Available here.

6. The crazy but lovable Lorna Morello never leaves her bunk without a fierce red lip, and now neither will you! You already know how much we love Sonia Kashuk products, and the Satin Luxe Lip Color in ‘Red Orange’ is no exception. Plus, the color lasts so long you could take an entire class with Yoga Jones and still look fresh! Available here.

7. With so many amazing eyeliner looks each season, we had to include one of our favorite eye makeup kits. This is a serious upgrade from the sharpie winged look on the show. From brows to lashes, the Fusion Beauty StimuLash Transformation Set has everything covered. Flaca and Maritza would be so jealous. Available here.

8. Tons of unforgettable scenes take place in the prison salon and resident stylist Sofia is one of our faves. So what would this giveaway be without an awesome hair product? The Original Tangle Teezer is perfect for taming your mane after a long night of OITNB bingeing. Available here.

9. After watching the entire 13 episodes of Season 3, you’ll probably feel inspired to create a fabulous nail art look. We’re giving away two OPI Nail Lacquers in ‘Black Onyx’ and ‘Hot & Spicy’ so you can rock the sassiest prison-inspired mani around. Available here and here.

image1 (2)

Since so many of you are huge Orange Is the New Black fans and we hate having to pick just one winner, we’re giving SIX runners up the chance to score some swag too! That’s right, it’s our biggest giveaway ever. This is your chance to get your hands on two of our favorite Too Faced products,  Bulletproof Eyeliner and 3 Way Lash.

For your chance to win, join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then tell us which beauty product you would smuggle into prison. Wonder what cosmetics the cast can’t live without? Stay tuned, because we will be chatting with them later tonight as they get glammed up for the NYC premiere of Orange Is the New Black!


Wow! You guys blew us away with all of your clever responses. From using beauty tools to escape the prison, to administering facials as bargaining tools, we heard it all. But, our grand prize had to go to someone who shares the same beauty obsession as two of the OITNB cast members. Congratulations Marygrace! Find out which two Litchfield ladies share your passion for coconut oil here.

Marygrace M.

“I would smuggle in coconut oil – so many uses!”

IMG_2874 (1)con

And, because we are so thrilled about the newest season of Orange Is the New Black, we are excited to announce our six runners up. Each of these lovely readers will be receiving one of our favorite Too Faced black eyeliners. Congrats ladies!

Pam L.

“I would smuggle in anti-age serum. Want to look like no time has passed when I get out.”

Mary D.

“I would smuggle in a blush stick! Then it can be used as a blush, lipstick, or eyeshadow! Have to find an item that you can get more than one use out of! :)”

Barbara M.

“I’d smuggle waterproof mascara cuz of all the tears I’d be cryin”

Susan V. S.

“Definitely mascara! My eyelashes are almost white and without it, I look like Little Orphan Annie (the cartoon)!”

Keah D. P.

“I’d smuggle a BLISS triple oxygen facial in a box. It all starts work good skin! !”

Lori Dee G.

“I’d definitely smuggle in moisturizer. I’m sure those prison cells are drying LOL”


59 Responses

  1. Jill

    I would smuggle my calm conditioner by rusk so I can brush my hair out

  2. Alicia Kerner

    I love eyeliner!!!! Waterproof long wearing eyeliner!! And foundation!

  3. melissa Mcentyre

    I would need OPI Nail Lacquers
    Thx Sabrina York for this

  4. Therese lopez

    I would smuggle in lip gloss or lip stick. I have to have color on my lips, they always look washed out and dry.

  5. Mi Webber

    I’d have to smuggle in lipstick (it can be used as rouge as well).

  6. Sandra

    No doubt my lipstick we are bff wherever I go my lipstick goes👍🏼💄

  7. Catrina Forester

    It would have to be mascara! These so called tiny thin hairs on my eyes “eye lashes” are pathetic. It would have to be water proof otherwise it wouldn’t be on for long.

  8. Jessica Herring

    I have to have the Fusion Beauty StimuLash Transformation Set!

  9. chelsea

    The Fusion Beauty StimuLash Transformation Set. As a blondie, I look like a new born baby without some black mascara and some
    eyeliner. (So basically Piper)

  10. kimberly escobedo

    i’m already on episode 8, I keep trying to space them out but Its soooo hard! lol
    #Love #OITNB

  11. eevon khoo

    The Original Tangle Teezer for my hair as I wouldn’t have the luxury to go to hair salon to spoil my hair crazy

  12. Barbara Mayes

    I’d smuggle waterproof mascara cuz of all the tears I’d be cryin’

  13. Vicki B

    I would smuggle a tinted lip balm into prison because I never want my lips to be dry !

  14. Elizabeth Geiger

    A really good tweezer. I don’t think I could handle hairy eyebrows.

  15. Jolie

    I would smuggle red lipstick. It’s an instant pick-me-up.
    Following on Twitter & IG – Jolie238
    Facebook – Jolie Zananiri

  16. Mary Songer

    I would smuggle in mascara. My eyes look tiny without it. I followed you on facebook, twitter, and Instagram! Love your site!

  17. Amrita Choudhury

    I could smuggle into prison Eminence Organics
    Eminence Eight Greens Phyto Masque (Hot). I know what wonders it will do to my skin 🙂


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