Find out how the stars of “Orange Is the New Black” get ready carpet ready from our friends at Caravan Stylist Studio.

Emily Althaus gets her makeup done by one of Caravan’s expert artists.

Last Friday night we ventured off the bustling streets of Manhattan and into the fabulous Christo’s Salon . Our mission? To find out what the ladies of Orange Is the New Black think about all things beauty and to get the inside scoop on their super sexy red carpet hair and makeup! We we extremely excited to chat with a few of our favorite OITNB cast members as they got glammed up for a fabulous evening benefiting The Women’s Prison Association, and now we can’t wait to share everything we learned with you!

Want to find out what Alysia Reiner, Jessica Pimentel, Emily Althaus, and Julie Lake had to say about their favorite products, spa treatments, and more? Read our exclusive season 3 interview here.

Emily Althaus shows off her sassiest pout to Jessica Pimentel (off camera).

Emily Althaus shows off her sassiest pout to Jessica Pimentel (off camera).

We talked with one of the stylists from Caravan Stylist Studio to get the insider deets on how she gets celebrities red carpet ready. From clean skin to fabulous lashes, she shared all of her must-have products shes used to get the hottest celebs prepped for the step and repeat. Take note, because you are not going to want to miss these A-Lister tips and tricks.

To start, a clean palette is a must, so the makeup artist cleaned each of the star’s faces using a Foreo Luna along with Lift Lab Purify + Clarify Daily Cleanser and Detox Mask. This combo ensures a serious deep clean as the Foreo Luna’s silicone bristles gently massage the foamy Lift Lab cleanser to remove all impurities.caravan5

When it comes time for mascara I have three words for you: Instant. Lash. Extensions. As soon as we were told about the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit, believe me, our ears perked right up. Traditional lash extensions are great when you have two hours to spare, but instant? This speaks our language. Plus, these girls needed to be ready in a jiff, so for the Caravan stylists, using this product was a no brainer.

After everyone’s makeup was in place and looking flawless, it was time for hair. No one wants messy looking flyaways or flat tresses on the red carpet so the stylists used Not Your Mother’s She’s a Tease Volumizing Hair Spray to give each star beautiful volume that would stay put all night. Another bonus? Not Your Mother’s products don’t have that unpleasant chemical smell that usually comes standard with hair products that create big curls or sassy straight locks. Instead, this spray is infused with apple blossom leaving behind a light pleasant scent.

What products would you use to get red carpet ready? Let us know in the comments below.

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