Reframe your face and transform your look with this Spruce & Bond giveaway!

This week, we’re taking Transformation Tuesday literally. I’m talking a full face metamorphosis. Are we giving away rhinoplasty? Lip injections? A facelift? Nope! Believe it or not, we have found a way to improve your entire facial structure without the pesky hassle of going under the knife. Drum roll please…

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Your eyebrows! Wait, what? I mean the eyebrow trend is obviously influencing thousands of people, but actually changing your entire appearance? Is this actually possible? To find out once and for all, I made an appointment at NYC-based Spruce & Bond to test out their signature tweeze and tint Blueprint service. Spruce & Bond employs some of the best hair removal specialists in the business, so if anyone was going to be able to give me a transformation, I knew it would be them.

I walked in slightly skeptical. Initially, I was nervous that my service included tweezing instead of waxing or threading. The few times I’ve attempted to pluck my own eyebrows it has been a long and painstaking process, every single hair I pluck is somehow more painful than the last. When my Browlab specialist raised her tweezers, I braced for the worst. A master at her craft, she was so skilled with them the process wound up being more quick and painless than I ever thought possible. I know she practices this many times a day, but this was impressive.

spruce and bond blueprint


After my expert tweeze, the next stop on my Blueprint service was tinting. I had had my eyebrows tinted once before and honestly I looked fantastic. I was super excited to test out this service at Spruce & Bond just in time for a fabulous summer eyebrow look. After a minute or so of chatting away while soaking up the dye, it was wiped off to reveal my new brows.

So, has my appearance been improved? Was a sad little caterpillar transformed into a beautiful butterfly? Well, the proof is in the pudding. My eyebrows are now, dare I say it, on fleek. Check it out for yourself.

spruce and bond

I was so in love with my results, I knew we had to treat one New Yorker to the experience. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Spruce & Bonde to give away a $75 Spruce and Bond gift card so one lucky reader can try out the Blueprint service for themselves.

Don’t live in NYC? You still have a shot at winning an amazing prize. It’s no secret that lavender is one of our favorite scents, so this April when Spruce & Bond released a line of lavender lemongrass products, we were first in line at the checkout. To celebrate our serious obsession with these relaxing products we’re also giving away Spruce & Bond’s signature hand soap, lotion, and candle to one lucky winner.

spruce and bond blueprint

Want to share in the Spruce & Bond love with us? This giveaway will certaintly leave you looking super fierce, but we know everyone has made a  beauty mistake or two. What’s your most hilariously embarrassing beauty blunder? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or in the comments below for a chance to win. Make sure to specify whether or not you’re located in the NYC area. Good luck!


piclab (5)

This time you guys have really outdone yourselves. We were cracking up all day long while reading about your hilarious beauty blunders. Trust us, we can totally relate. Since we love a good at-home hair blunder, we had to go with this hysterical tale for our NYC winner. Congrats, Diana! Let us know how you like your now brows, guaranteed to be on #fleek!

Diana O.

I decided I wanted straight hair when I was 15 but didn’t have the money to go to a salon so I got an at home relaxer kit. My hair came out pin straight and flat to my head as could be! Couldn’t do a thing with it!! Learned my lesson!

For our Spruce & Bond product winner, we chose Laura because her adorable story gave us flashbacks to our own teenage years. And aren’t middle school makeup fails just the worst? We definitely cringed taking that trip down memory lane, so we feel ya. Enjoy your goodies! We hope the relaxing candle and stress-reducing body lotion can erase your embarrassing memory. And hey, maybe they WERE admiring your makeup skills!


Biggest beauty blunder – Using a too light shade of face powder in middle school and thinking people were admiring my makeup skills.

10 Responses

  1. Masooma

    My most hilariously embarrassing beauty blunder is coloring my eyebrows in too dark!! I naturally have black hair and when I overplucked my eyebrows once, I decided to use my black eyeline(!) to fill in my brows! I looked so stark and creepy and no one even told me! (I do not live in the NYC area)

  2. Alana LeSueur

    My most hilariously embarrassing beauty blunder, was that I was not paying close enough attention, and squeezed the eyelash curler too tight and then released it too quickly and ripped out almost all of my eyelashes off one eye.. I looked ridiculous for quite a while, but luckily for me, they eventually grew back in.

  3. Cheri

    Would have to be using a dabber to try to not get red.. and it turned my hair a purple hue

  4. Mary Zelli

    Wearing the wrong shade of blush so I looked like a clown. Not a look I wanted to continue. Needless to say that ended up in the trash. Didn’t need to look like Halloween came early…….

  5. Amrita Choudhury

    Thanks! #TransformationTuesday I live in Connecticut! At a personal event where all my dolled up friends and family were present, I smudged the kohl in the lower lash so badly that I looked like a Raccoon just when the gathering began. I had nothing to make it right. So I kept looking terrible till the end.

  6. Karlee

    Luckily I haven’t experienced a beauty bludder. (Touch wood). And I am not in the NYC area.


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