Looking for a free workout in NYC? Check out Lolë’s Summer Fitness Series.

Calling all New Yorkers! I get it, you’re tired of the same old gym routine. It’s boring attending repetitive fitness classes every single week. Having an exercise schedule is great, but what if you want to try new things? Lolë is here to rescue you from a mundane workout schedule while allowing you to test out 21 new and exciting fitness classes all summer long — and it’s free.


I am the perfect example of a broke, lazy Manhattanite. I know that fitness is important, but I always seem to find myself laying on my couch soaking up the air conditioning, unable to commit to a gym membership or class pass. I have self-diagnosed fitness ADD. Seriously. After doing a workout three times in a row, I’m over it. And, if I don’t have a set class I want to attend, I will almost always brush off working out completely.

When I found out about the Lolë Summer Series, I was obviously elated. This means you can try a free new class twice a week throughout the entire summer. “Free?” you say, “What dingy old gym will I have to shlep to for this?” Fear not! These classes take place on two grassy piers overlooking the Hudson River in the West Village. That view beats staring at a mirrored gym wall any day.

Need a little more convincing to get your lazy butt moving? Let me paint you a picture of how it feels to partake in one of these workouts: It’s Wednesday evening and you’re happy the week is halfway over. There’s grass between your toes and 40 like-minded fitness enthusiasts by your side. You flow from downward dog into chaturanga while a soft breeze blows over the pier. Or maybe it’s Tuesday and you need to blow off some steam after a particularly intense day at work. Next thing you know you’re listening to some pump up jams, doing jumping jacks, and gazing across the water looking at a gorgeous view of the World Trade Center.


From dance cardio to yoga and boxing to intense bootcamp, there’s something for everyone. To get in on this awesome experience like Lolë on Facebook and RSVP to each class you want to attend. The classes are offered all summer long from June 2 – August 19. On Tuesdays they take place at Pier 25 and on Wednesdays Pier 46. All classes run from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. For the full schedule, read below. See you there!

June 9th: ToneHouse bootcamp with Alonzo Wilson and Elvira Yambot

June 10th: KG Body sculpting with Katherine Grenier

June 16th: IntenSati with Natalia Petrzela

June 17th: 30/60/90 with Kristi Molinaro

June 23rd: Ironstrength bootcamp with Dr. Jordan Metzl

June 24th: Dance cardio with Body by Simone

June 30th: Lyon’s Den yoga with Bethany Lyons

July 1: YogaWorks with Nicole Mitsch

July 7th: ((305 Fitness)) dance cardio with Sadie Kurzban

July 8th: The Fhitting Room bootcamp with Eric Salvador and Dara Theodore

July 14th: Bari Studio cardio and body sculpting

July 15th: Flex Studio Pilates and barre with Jackie Dragone

July 21st: Ironstrength bootcamp with Dr. Jordan Metzl

July 22nd: Body Conceptions dance cardio with Mahri Relin

July 28th: Banana Skirt dance cardio

July 29th: Exceed Physical Culture bootcamp with Marianna Biribin

August 4th: Hollywood Hino boxing and cardio with Hino Ehikhamenor

August 5th: Yoga 216 with Nicole Katz

August 11th: Provita yoga with Julia Chan

August 12th: Barre3 with Julienne Rencher

August 18th: Dance cardio with AKT in Motion

August 19th: BFX Studio bootcamp

Which class are you most excited to try out at the Lolë Summer Series? Let us know in the comments below.

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