How to Create A Sexy Studded Manicure

Studded manicures don’t have to be left to nail art professionals. Here’s how you can create the look yourself!

A Sexy Studded Manicure

What You Need

  • All In One 3 Way Glaze from essie (base coat)
  • essie – Petal Pushers
  • Speed Coat Pro from Ciate (dries super fast)
  • Gold Studs – Available on Amazon
  • Chevron Tip Guides – Available on Amazon
  • Tweezers


1. Start with very clean nails and apply a shiny base coat. Part of your natural nail will be shown so you do want to make sure that there is no left over polish from a previous manicure on them.

2. Add a generous amount of base coat polish to the back of the gold stud. Then apply the studs to your ring, middle and index fingers. It might be easier to pick up the studs with a pair of tweezers. If not, apply carefully using your fingers. Apply light pressure to each stud until they dry to your nail. Pressing too hard might cause them to come off after you take the pressure off the stud. Be careful!

3. Apply a Chevron Tip Guide at the very top of each gold stud.

4. Polish above the Tip Guide.

5. Wait about 1 minute then slowly peel off the tip guide.

6. Polish both your pinky and thumb with essie “Petal Pushers”.

7. Repeat step 2.

8. Wait 15 minutes before applying the top coat.

9. Make sure the polish is dry then apply a good amount of top coat. You want to ensure that the gold studs are really secure.

There you go, you’re ready to show off your sexy studded nails!

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