What should you expect at your first DryBar blowout? Find out below.

Honestly, I didn’t know blowouts were even a thing until I moved to New York this past year. As I explored the streets of my new home, I kept noticing blowdry salons in almost every neighborhood. This seemed strange to me as it sounded like an unnecessary concept. Paying someone to wash your hair and then simply blowdry it? Can’t you do that yourself? Why was everyone so obsessed with this service?

Although I had used plenty of their products, I had never actually stepped foot into a DryBar location. Last Saturday night, it was finally time for me to see what all of the hype about. Was someone just going to wash my hair, quickly blow-dry it, and let the humid streets of NYC have their way with it? It was time to find out.IMG_5996When I first walked into the shop, I was greeted with the fabulous smell of DryBar products, which as you know I am already obsessed with. The store is adorable. All of DryBar’s product names and their packaging are bar-themed. The blowout stations are set along a large marble slab that would look right at home in an upscale cocktail bar.

After gazing enviously at the wall of shampoos, brushes, and gadgets, I was happily ushered back to the shampooing stations. I answered questions about how many shampoos I would like and how my conditioner should be applied. Then I was transported to a world of tranquility as my hair was cleansed and my scalp massages. After a few minutes of bliss, I was ready to head back to my styling chair where a glass of champagne for waiting for me.

At DryBar there is a ton of pampering involved, including the choice between eight different styles. From bouncing curls to pin-straight locks and even glamorous up-dos, DryBar offers something for everyone. They even have a special service just for little girls. After carefully parusing my options I picked the Cosmo-Tai – a combination of beachy waves and loose curls. I sat back and relaxed as my hair was blow-dried and styled with a mix of different DryBar products including their Hotty Toddy heat protectant, Triple Sec texturizer, and Money Maker hairspray. It was nice being able to sit back and relax as my stylist gently transformed my hair from drab to fab. Before I knew it, the 45-minute process was over, and it was time for the big reveal. My hair looked absolutely awesome. I was definitely ready for a night out on the town.
FullSizeRender (13)Would I say that my first DryBar blowout experience was a success? Definitely. A 45-minute break from reality that ended with a fabulous hairstyle was the perfect way to get ready for a special evening. And who doesn’t love being pampered?

Want to try out DryBar for yourself? Head to the company’s website to book an appointment or order products. Blowouts start at $45 with upgrades available.

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