Do you suffer from acne? We found the best acne-reducing mask in the beauty business.

Happy #MaskMonday! Each week we like to embrace Monday by treating ourselves to a 20 minute time out to pamper our skin and try out the latest face masks. That’s right, we have the very difficult job of testing out tons of amazing masks. Our goal? To tell you guys all about which ones worked and which ones didn’t.

As someone with troublesome skin, trying on random masks can be quite nerve-wracking. People with sensitive faces will understand this dilemma. Just one bad product or irritating ingredient and you can end up with a week-long skincare struggle. Another thing that sensitive skin warriors will understand is that when you finally find the right product, you can’t get enough. Well, get ready my acne-prone pals, because I just found your newest obsession.

When I was sent an assortment of BioRepublic masks I was excited because I love trying out new goodies, but I honestly didn’t expect them to stand out from all the other masks I’ve tried. Even though the Green Detox Mask promised to reduce blemishes and soothe active skin, I assumed I would see the same results I usually do with sheet masks — moisturized skin with no other obvious benefits. Yes, hydrated skin is seriously important, but when your major skin care concern is reducing blemishes, moisture alone isn’t satisfying enough.

Before using the mask I had quite a large zit on my cheek and another little pest on my chin. After applying the sheet to my face and leaving it on for the recommended 15-20 minutes, I was bummed when I took it off and my blemishes looked exactly the same. Once again my skin was hydrated, but that was about it.  Perhaps this sheet mask just wasn’t for me, or so I thought.

When the next morning rolled around, I was excited when I looked in the mirror to find that both pesky spots were practically non-existent. Each had seriously reduced in size and redness. Was it just their time to go? Or did the Green Tea Detox mask really work this well? I had to put it to another test. The next time I got a big blemish I was quick to throw on the mask to try to nip it in the bud. After waiting anxiously until the next morning, the results were in. Sure enough, my pimple was much smaller and less noticeable. That’s right, these affordable masks are the real deal when it comes to reducing pimples.


How can you get your hands on this little miracle worker? The Green Tea Detox Purifying Sheet Mask is available on for just $4.99.

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