Get the smooth, soft heels with miracle product, Callex.

I absolutely hate feet. It’s not touching them that bothers me. No, it’s more of their actual appearance that truly grosses me out. Gnarly nails, scaly heels, and unruly toe hair are just a few things about feet I find upsetting. Don’t even get me started on flip flops. I hate seeing people wear flip flops. That being said, I understand that people need to let their feet breathe when temperatures soar. I’ll even confess to wearing sandals all the time in the spring and summer, but that’s only after a lot of preparation. If I’m going to bare my feet to the world, a fresh pedicure and smooth feet are a must for me.

Perfect feet haven’t always been a concern of mine. I used to run around the countryside of Virginia without giving the appearance of my feet a second thought. That all changed in 2013 during my first summer in New York City. While still a junior in college, I moved to The Big Apple to embark on my first internship. I was full of excitement, romping around the city in cheap, uncomfortable sandals.

Did you know New Yorkers walk everywhere? After about two weeks of city living I realized my feet were suffering. They had huge cracks, tons of dry skin, and seemingly unsolvable heel discomfort. As someone who thinks all feet are awful, I was extra repulsed by what had happened to my own. As many times as I tried moisturizing or scrubbing away dead skin, my feet still looked like something out of a horror movie.

It has been two full years since this horrendous experience and I’m proud to say taking care of my feet has become a top priority. While I’m pretty obsessed with my PedEgg, it always gives me the heebie-jeebies. I mean come on, you literally have to pour out a fine powder of grated foot skin after using it. It’s pretty gross. I was elated one day when I came across Callex, a cream that promised to keep my feet soft and supple while eliminating the need for exfoliation. I was willing to try anything that could take foot filing out of my life for good and I had a sneaking suspicion this product would do the trick.

That night I lathered up my feet with Callex, threw on some socks, and curled up in bed. After a week of religiously following this routine, it was time to check the results. I’m happy to report that my rough heels were much softer and had become much more bearable to look at. If I wasn’t so anti-feet I might even say they looked good. All it took was an extra 30 seconds each night to apply Callex and voila, my feet are as smooth as can be!

Want to try it for yourself? Callex is available at Rite Aid and Walgreens. You can also find it online for $14.97.

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