Summertime is filled with fun get-togethers and out of town guests. Make your bathroom a friendly space for everyone passing through with these three bathroom essentials.

From skincare to activewear, we’re constantly trying out the latest and greatest things to let you know what to purchase and what to pass on. This time we are heading away from the makeup table and into the bathroom. From our favorite showerhead to the must-have toilet spray, we’ve found the three best lavatory luxuries that money can buy. Scroll down to check out which powder room products we can’t live without.

Toiletbathroom necessities

Poo~Pourri – $9.95

Even though it’s a part of life, no one talks about bathroom odors. Most people just settle by half-masking any issues using chemical-filled aerosol sprays because they don’t realize there are much better and earth-friendly options. At least, that’s what I thought. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Like most people, I was quite reluctant when I heard about Poo~Pourri. This all-natural product claims to take away all of the inevitable embarrassment of leaving the bathroom less than perfect. Skeptical, I obviously had to conduct a test of my own. I grabbed a bottle of Lavender Vanilla and situated it next to the toilet at my family’s Fourth of July reunion. Everyone was a bit skeptical at first, but after a weekend of sharing a bathroom with 20 other people, they were all converted Poo~Pourri believers. If this doesn’t send you running to grab a bottle, I don’t know what will. 


bathroom necessities

Raindrops Filtration System – $120

I never thought much about my shower head. It was there when I moved into my apartment and it worked fine. Then, I ran across the miracle that is the Raindrops filtration system. This beauty uses a six-step filtration to remove metallic particles,  take out chlorine, and even activate water particles for optimal skin absorption. My building has been around since 1911, so there has to be some rust and gunk in those pipes. After installing Raindrops, my water pressure has been perfect. It’s not too overpowering and easily washes away my shampoo and conditioner. Now when I step out of the shower my hair is super soft and my skin is evenly moisturized.

Post-Shower Treatment

bathroom necessities
Soap & Paper Factory Lavender Clary Sage Shea Butter Hand Cream – $16

We’re big fans of lavender scented products here at Spa Week. Nothing is more soothing than the calming aroma of the gentle flower. Add in clary sage and bergamot and we were even more intrigued. It’s no surprise that Soap & Paper Factory Lavender Clary Sage Shea Butter Hand Cream tickled our fancy. To test it out we sent our resident lavender lover home with a tube and by the next day she was hooked. Now she carries it everywhere in her bag and slathers it all over her hands and arms before bed. She can’t stop singing it’s praises and adores the old-fashioned container, which adds a touch of nostalgia with each application.

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