6 Summer Hair Care Tips From a Celebrity Stylist

Keep your hair shiny and strong this summer with expert tips from a celebrity stylist and our 6 favorite summer hair care products.


I first discovered Christo Salon when Spa Week Daily ventured there to interview some of the cast members of Orange Is the New Black a few weeks ago while they got glammed up for a red carpet event. The salon is located on west 45th above the busy streets of NYC in a beautiful, expansive space. If you go on a day when owner and stylist to the stars, Christo, is there you might just get to meet his adorable dog, London. When the hair expert himself invited me back the following week for a must-have summer hair treatment and blowout I couldn’t wait to get my hair prepped and ready to take on the summer. You see, I had been neglecting my hair a bit after cancelling multiple haircutes because I’d been swamped at after-work events.

When I first entered the salon I filled out an informational sheet about my hair and what I was looking to achieve. When I came to the question, “What do you like about your hair?” I actually wrote “Meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯? ” if that tells you anything. Basically, my hair wasn’t looking so hot, and it showed. I assume that’s why, when I sat down in his chair, Christo very politely asked me if I needed a haircut. And like that I was whisked off to a shampooing station where I received a delightful scalp massage, shampoo, and condition.

Back in his chair, I explained to Christo that I had limp, flat hair that I basically hated and had given up on styling in the morning. Without hesitation, he started cutting. I was getting a little nervous because he had taken off quite a bit of length and added dramatic layers, but guess what? My hair requires almost zero effort now, and it looks great. I step out of the shower, spritz on some Curlisto Protein Boost, and let my new shorter, layered style dry naturally. Thanks to Christo, I now have what has been dubbed Rich-girl Hair, aka hair that is clean and shiny with a soft bend. Plus, I have a killer set of RPZL clip-in extensions that I pop in when I want more of a bombshell look.

To ensure that my new cut was healthy and ready to take on the wear and tear of summer my cut was followed by a Deep Therapy Masque to lock in moisture, strengthen, and give my hair more volume. After my cut, masque, and blow out I walked out of Christo’s looking like one of his A-list clients. Naturally, I don’t want my hair to become damaged and unmanageable again so I reached out to Christo to get his best summer hair care tips. Plus, I’ve added a list of all the products you’ll need to keep your hair shiny, healthy, and happy this season.

What’s the number one hair mistake people make during the summer?

One of the most common mistakes people make during the summer is applying a heat protectant. They believe these will protect their hair from the sun but this does not work! To protect your hair from the sun, salt water, and pool the most effective product is a leave in treatment. I highly recommend using Curlisto’s Repair Styling Cream, which is rich in aloe, honey, and wheat protein to really protect your hair from breakage and heat.

What’s the best way to keep hair healthy during the summer?

The best way to keep hair healthy in the summer is simple: Hydration. Just like we need to drink water for our bodies to stay hydrated; our hair craves the same thing! Every week, or even every other week, use a deep therapy masque in order to keep the inner layer of hair hydrated and moisturized. The masque will also give you great leverage to style your hair the way you want without flyaways and frizz.

Is special hair care necessary after swimming in a pool or in the ocean?

Absolutely! If you are a swimmer, the best thing to have is a special care shampoo such like Curlisto’s Aqualizer. It is specifically formulated to remove the chlorine and salt build up. This shampoo is similar to a treatment. It protects hair after swimming and hydrates the scalp and hair. Another excellent tip for swimmers is to make sure you rinse out salt and chlorine as soon as you get out of the water because it will cause damage if you let it dry in your hair. It is extremely helpful to spray a leave-in conditioner such as Curlisto’s Protein Boost.

What products do you suggest for the summer? Should they be lighter than someone’s usual products?

Products I suggest for the summer are a light mousse or a light spray gel, nothing too heavy because it will cause your hair to look weighed down, especially during high humidity weather. You can also braid your hair or do a sleek look with your hair down using a light spray — both of these styles are my favorite go-to looks for the summer!

Any other advice, tips, or tricks?

Another little tip for summer is to accessorize your hair! You can do this by adding a hat, hair clips, flowers, or even a scarf to make a fashion statement to your. I love these Do-It-Yourself ideas because it keeps you looking fresh and stylish.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Summer is long, hot, and humid — You’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors. Don’t forget to visit your stylist! Get a trim, clean up your split ends, and definitely get an in-salon treatment to boost up the moisture and give you volume to keep your hair looking healthy all summer long.


6  Summer Hair Essentials

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1. Rusk Deepshine Color Repair Restorative Masque – This deeply hydrating masque by Rusk penetrates hair cuticles to strengthen and repair damaged or stressed hair. It was formulated with people who dye their hair in mind, but anyone can benefit from its nourishing formula because it uses UV-absorbing technology and vitamin E to shield hair from harmful sun-generated free radicals. Available at Sleek Hair for $12.75.

2. Curlisto Botanical Rinse – This light rinse can be used as a shampoo, conditioner, or both. It’s great for the summer because its formula works to cleanse, hydrate and detangle hair without weighing it down or making it oily. For the majority of the week I use this rinse as both a shampoo and conditioner. Then I switch it up and use it as a conditioner after washing my hair with Curlisto Botanical Shampoo. Both are available at Curlisto for $7 – $48.

3. Phytoplage After-Sun Rehydrating Hair & Body Shampoo – This restorative shampoo pulls double duty and can be used as a body rinse as well. This gentle gel a must-have for those days when you spend a lot of time on the sand, in the sun, or lounging by the pool. This nifty two-in-one product washes away, sand, salt, chlorine, and sunscreen residue while restoring moisture. Available at Sephora for $22.

4. Keranique Lift & Repair Treatment Spray – This spray is a godsend for people with fine hair like me . Its advanced formula volumizes, protects, and strengthens hair from root to tip without adding weight or unwanted grease. On the rare occasion when I decide to blowdry my hair this is my go-to product because it gives my hair unparalleled body and bounce. Available at Nordstrom for $18.

5. Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque – This 8-minute hair masque uses amino acids, vitamins, and botanical extracts to condition hair while rice, corn and wheat proteins work to rebuild keratin. After a particularly long day in the sun or at the beach I’ll smoothe it onto my hair, go to bed, and wash it away in the morning. Available at Curlisto for $24 – $185.

6. Phytoplage Sublime After-Sun Hair & Body Oil – Another great two-in-one product from Phytoplage, Sublime After-Sun Hair and Body Oil works wonders to nourish parched hair and skin after time spent in the sun. I use this oil on my body every morning and in my hair every night. It leaves both feeling soft, silky, and smoothe. Did I mention it smells amazing? Available at Sephora for $40.

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