Find out what made us fall in love with Tula skincare, then enter to win it all.

Happy Friday, friends! We’re celebrating the end to another wonderful work week by giving away some seriously deserved pampering. This week, we’re featuring one of our all-time favorite skincare brands, Tula. This time around, we’re selecting one grand prize victor to win everything you see below AND three runners-up to receive our favorite product from the line. Yep, you read that right, there will be four winners! Why spoil just one of you? Now take a sneak-peek of our top Tula picks and enter to win.


  1. Start off your cleansing routine with Tula’s Purifying Face Cleanserand you’ll be fresher than a daisy. Simply lather up to wash away dirt and impurities, keeping skin clarified and conditioned without ever drying out.
  2. Isn’t it time we treated more than just our faces for wrinkles and fine lines? Well, the Advanced Neck Creamdoes just that. Apply it morning and evening for a seriously youthful appearance.
  3. Perhaps our favorite item from the line, the Exfoliating Treatment Mask,leaves skin super smooth after a quick five minute application. We love it so much that we’re giving three runners-up a jar of their very own.
  4. An even skin tone is the first step for fabulous makeup application, and the Illuminating Face Serumis one of the best toners in the business. Apply two times daily for a luminous glow. Now, if only everything were that easy.
  5.  We know that the summer sun can be severely dehydrating. That’s why we can’t get enough of the Hydrating Day & Night Cream‘s extremely moisturizing properties. Slather it on morning and night for the supplest skin ever.
  6. Fine lines in the eye area? No thank you! Simply pat the Revitalizing Eye Creamaround your eyes twice a day for a more youthful, hydrated look.

So, now that you’ve fallen in love with Tula, how do you win it all? We will be selecting one winner from each social media platform and one from the comments below to each try Tula for themselves. That means up to four chances to enter! You don’t want to miss this.

Join us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and in the comment section below and tell us about your favorite summer skincare product for your chance at some serious skincare swag. Good luck!

Update: We have our winners!



Alecia G. My favorite summer skincare product is my Tea Tree Clearing Toner.

Congratulations Alecia! You get to try out the entire Tula skincare line. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with these products like we have.

And, don’t think we forgot about our runners-up! Scroll down to see if you were one of the three winners to score our favorite Tula product, the Exfoliating Treatment Mask. Congratulations to all!


@joanne_abyad Burt’s Bees Aloe & Linden Flower after sun soother! 


@haroland93 My favorite summer skincare item is sunscreen. The first step to beautiful skin is healthy skin. It may save my life!

Spa Week Daily Comments:

Sarah B. Supergoop city serum SPF is the best!

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  1. Inessa M

    A good hydrating moisturizer with SPF. I’ve never used Tula brand before.

  2. Gina Gallagher

    In the summer, I love using Benefit’s benetint as a cheek stain instead of using powder blush.

  3. Cheryl A.

    My favorite summertime skincare item is Tula Illuminating Face Serum.

  4. anna donato

    #Giveway #friday #weekend #tulaforlife
    my favourite summer skincare product is sunscreen, it today’s climate it is essential. Tula sounds very good, will give it a try.

  5. Chris

    I need a great sunscreen and moisturizer to keep my skin looking its best!

  6. Jessica Gonzalez

    My favorite skincare product would be a cleanser from Liz Earle. I would love to try these products.

  7. Christina Cannon

    My favorite summer beauty product is CC cream. It’s so lightweight on my skin.

  8. Sarah Hixson

    My favorite summer time go to product is a great face moisturizer with SPF 30. I would love to try a new product. I am a huge Philosophy fan. Good luck everyone!

  9. Wanda Messer

    My favorite summer skin care product is Coola makeup setting spray to keep my face fresh all day and with spf 30. You are right after looking at Tula for Life skincare products…I fell in Love with them and would Love to try them.

  10. June

    They all sound phenomenal. Especially the neck cream, so many people forget to moisturize their neck, for summer I’m a fan of face exfoliant and serum. To maintain healthy and clean skin.

  11. wanda messer

    #Giveaway…My favorite summer skin care product is “Coola” make up setting spray to keep my makeup fresh all day and with spf 30. You are right after looking at #TulaforLife skincare products…I fell in love with them and would Love to try them

    • wanda messer

      Is there something I am supposed to do? I am not sure what the above means “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Can you let me know what I need to do to get this posted?

  12. Madison Bartz

    My favorite Skincare item is my Acure eye cream and face scrub 🙂

  13. adrienne z

    my favorite summer skincare product is anything with shea butter in it – have never tried your brand of skincare products and hope to make it my new favorite!

  14. Kayte CookWatts

    The treatment mask is a must to keep my skin clear, stay radiant, and control oil.

  15. Andrea L

    Lightweight non greasy SPF daily moisturizer, really enjoying the Shiseido oil-free SPF 42!

  16. toni v

    my favorite is the Tula Rejuvenating Face Serum and a ton of water

  17. Deb Binder

    #Giveaway I mist my face with cool water, when it’s hot. So refreshing

  18. Chinasa

    I always believe that the neck is one of the most overlooked areas of the body when it comes to skincare, so the Advanced Neck Cream would be awesome! My favorite skincare product this summer definitely has to be my St. Ives exfoliating scrub. With the amount of exposure my skin is getting to the sun, it is prone to dryness so the scrub helps with that!

  19. Brandi O'Dell

    I can’t live with moisturizer! I always put it on even if I don’t put on any make up.

  20. Tee A

    Sunscreen is my favorite summer skincare item. It should be everyone’s #1

  21. Eugenie

    Yes to Cucumbers Sunscreen is my favorite summer sunscreen product.

  22. Rebecca Nankervis

    I’d love to try these products but my go to in the summer is sunscreen and homemade bug spray.

  23. Michelle Fine

    I have heard great things about this brand. I would love to try it.

  24. Joanne Lowery

    I would be very interesting in learning about and trying your skincare line. I have heard good things about the quality and feel of your products. THank you for the opportunity to win such an awesome collection,. WTG Spa Week and Tula.

  25. Kristi Pitts

    I simply can not handle the summer heat without a good moisturizer with spf and a toner.

  26. Nancy Girone

    I would love to try your cleanser first then all of your other products.

  27. Olga Thomas

    My favorite product right now is BB cream with SPF 20 and vitamin C 🙂

  28. Colleen Rose

    They all,look fantastic but I would love to try the eye cream. I cannot live without my sunscreen

  29. Angie W

    I love Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush because it’s SPF 50 and is a great mineral powder!

  30. Kristen

    My summer skincare go to is EltaMD UV Clear. It really gets rid of the redness and it’s great for oily skin.

  31. Susan P.

    I love the Derma E Age Defying Night Crème after being outside the heat and sun.

  32. Matzsmith

    If anything can sound luscious, these do! Fav summer time product is GoldBond powder.

  33. Robin Creager

    My face and complexion would benefit immensely mostly from the Advanced Neck Cream, Revitalizing Eye Cream and the Illuminating Face Serum. Such great products!

  34. Hannah Roland

    My favorite summer skincare item is sunscreen. The first step to beautiful skin is healthy skin. It may save my life!

  35. Joanna Dawn Smith

    My favorite summer skincare product is moisturizer! My face needs that extra hydration because I am out in the elements all the time with heat and sun! Thanks so much for the chance to enter. I have been wanting to try this brand for a while now!

  36. Pam Flynn

    A light face cleanser would really be nice and is what I need to keep my skin looking youthful.

  37. Dana L

    I would love to try all these amazing products!! Also my favorite summer product is face moisturizer with SPF and anti aging. Also clear zinc oxide for sensitive spots!

  38. Maelee

    I have yet to find something to work on my ever changing skin!! I need help

  39. gloria patterson

    Have fallen in love with tinted moisturizers with SPF. it really is just to hot for full face make up

  40. Crystal Bailey

    Sunblock is my favorite summer skin care product followed by a good cleanser and moisturizer:)

  41. Jennifer A.

    My favourite summer product is a BB cream and lip gloss. I can still look put together without too much makeup.

  42. Joanne Saunders

    Goddess Garden Organics Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 is my favorite summer skin care product. That and lots of cold, fresh water.

  43. rhonda hagy miller

    i use Spf Moisturiser every day but I thin kI would love to try the Purifying Cleanser

  44. Molly Shannon

    my favorite summer skin care product is any great moisturizer I can find that works, but without leaving my skin greasy

  45. rhonda hagy miller

    I would love to win SKIN needs some help this summer!

  46. Kimberly

    My favorite summer skincare product is the Tula Day & Night Cream.

  47. Janice nadeau


  48. Petunia

    For summer, I need a nice light oil free moisturizer that either has SPF or works well with SPF.

  49. Shentel

    Olay moisturizer with spf light weight moisturizer that protects my skin all day from sun and drying can’t live without

  50. Karen R.

    I would love to try these products! My favorite product that I can’t be without, in the summer, is my moisturizer with SPF 25 or higher.

  51. Francine O

    Tinted moisturizer with SPF is my favorite summer skincare product.

  52. Linda C

    Ultra Sheer Water-Light Daily Face Sunscreen Lotion
    SPF 60 – Waterproof

  53. janice Cournoyer

    I would love to try the Advanced Neck cream . My neck looks way older than my face, and it is something I should have cared for from a much younger age.

  54. Imani Hassan

    My absolute favorite summer skincare product is a homemade coconut oil sugar scrub! Coconut oil is so versatile and I love how the sugar gently exfoliates dry skin!

  55. Paula S.

    My favorite would be moisturizing lotion. My skin gets so dry from the summer heat!

  56. Susan

    Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser every morning and night! 🙂

  57. Tamara B.

    I love to use sugar scrubs alot during the summer, they help remove the grime from all of the sweat and heat after a day at the beach

  58. Cindi

    Hi, I appreciate a great facial
    exfoliator, during the warm weather.
    Thanks, Cindi

  59. Michele Newton

    My skin needs to be revived…. Would love to try these products….

  60. Jennifer Gleaton

    I love using my Clinique tinted moisturizer with SPF 25 to protect my face and neck during the summer and winter!

  61. Mary V

    I love the whole Tula for Life product line! Thanks for the chance!

  62. Mary V

    I love the whole Tula For Life Line, great products!! Thanks for the chance!

  63. Sara M

    I am fair skinned so a good quality non-greasy facial moisturizer with spf is a must. I don’t want to burn & peel!

  64. Barbara Tryon

    I always use a moisturizer and SPF 30 sunscreen. Awesome Giveaway!

  65. Amber Nichols

    My favorite summer product is ocean potion after Sun lotion.

  66. Carol Ann Westbook

    I love my tinted moisturizer…..I never wear foundation in the summer!

  67. Lexy Kollias

    My favorite summer skin care product would definitely have to be the Madagascar vanilla and lavender white truffle sugar scrub by me! Bath. This leaves my skin unbelievably soft and exfoliated. I would live to have a full skin care line like Tula. I have dry skin all the time and this would help immensely. Thanks for the chance!

  68. Maryann D.

    The Tula Illuminating Face Serum would be my favorite for the summer.

  69. amy stonger

    my must have skincare product for the summer is sunscreen and a good lipgloss.

  70. Jennifer W.

    The sun dries my skin. A good hydrating moisturizer is a must for me.

  71. Sandy Weinstein

    sunscreen cant live with out this summer or any day. always wear everyday.


    I’d love to try them all but the exfoliating mask looks awesome!

  73. Amrita Choudhury

    My favorite is Aloe Vera gel that I use every day. It helps the skin from sun burn, keeps it cool. MAC studio fix powder plus foundation that acts as a perfect base overtime I use makeup especially in summers


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