Escape the Everyday with the La Alegria Aromatherapy Facial

Relax your body and mind with a rejuvenating facial at La Alegria Salon & Spa.

As much as I love living in Manhattan, the constant commotion and my busy schedule can be quite stressful. Even worse, the continuous stream of filth and smog in the NYC air can take a serious toll on happy, healthy skin. So, I did what every spa-loving girl would do and made myself an appointment for a relaxing treatment to ensure my skin wouldn’t get bogged down by New York City’s constant flow of dirt and grime.

La Alegria Salon

La Alegria Salon & Spa was Soho’s very first salon. As soon as I entered I was transported from the hectic streets of NYC into a tranquil European-inspired oasis. From gorgeous golden mirrors to plush couches, La Alegria had the luxurious and unique feel that every spa-goer desires.

Having never received an aromatherapy facial before, I was quite excited about what was to come. The staff was extremely accommodating and gently ushered me off to a treatment room. There, the esthetician carefully evaluated my skin to make sure each product used would target my skin’s specific needs. The fabulous European theme was consistent throughout the facial. Each essential oil, cream, and cleanser they applied was made by luxury Italian skincare brand, ERBE.

Spa week

As I laid out on the treatment table my mind was whisked away to a place of serenity as my face and upper body were massaged, cared for, and nourished. After an hour of relaxation and rejuvenation, I was definitely feeling like a million bucks. My skin felt cleaner than it had in months with all of the impurities wiped away and I left relaxed, leaving all my stress on the table.

spa week 5

My fun wasn’t over just yet! I also indulged in a fabulous wash and blowdry. While sipping on a creamy Italian cappuccino, I prepared for a night out on the town with a sleek straight blowout. To shield my fresh blowout from the storm, I chatted with friendly staff members and nibbled on tasty Italian biscotti, admiring my chic new look in the mirror as I waited for the rain to stop. When I finally left the spa I felt better than ever and looked fresh and fierce.

Head to to book a 60 Minute ERBE Aromatherapy Facial Customized to Skin Type, plus a 60 Minute Aromatherapy Massage with Custom Essential Oil Blend, all for just $149.

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