Celebrity colorist Beth Minardi gives us the inside scoop on summer hair color maintenance. 

As someone who dyes their hair, I know that quick fading is an absolute nightmare. After shelling out tons of money to look as fabulous as possible, the last thing you want is to see is all those dollars washing down the drain. During the summer, when chlorine, harmful UV rays, and drying conditions can take a serious toll on your prized tresses, locking in vibrant color seems almost impossible. How do you maintain “fresh-out-of-the-salon” striking color long after leaving your stylist’s chair?

To find the solution, we chatted with celebrity colorist Beth Minardi to find out how to preserve hair color and look your best all summer long.beth minardi

How often do you recommend shampooing for someone with colored treated hair?

Most people with color treated hair can shampoo every other day unless the hair is covered with perspiration or with sea or pool water then daily washing is a must. Color-treated hair can be washed daily if the scalp is oily.   Wet hair till thoroughly drenched.  Pour shampoo into your hands and lather.  Apply to scalp (not to the hair shaft), and begin massaging all over the head behind ears, to the nape, center back of the head.  To the crown and to the temples.   Lather only once and rinse “endlessly”.  Squeeze out as much water as possible.  Apply conditioner specially formulated for color-treated hair to the hair lengths and work through with the fingers not with a comb!  Allow to remain 90 seconds to 2 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly.

What precautions should be taken by pool-goers with dyed hair?

Do not allow long hair to wave through the water “unfastened”.  Wrap hair in a covered elastic loosely and apply a protective creme to the dry hair before going into the pool.

Do you have any recommendations for keeping blonde hair vibrant during the summer months?

Keeping blonde vibrant means keeping mineral deposits and product build-up out of the hair.  Sunshine makes blonde lighter but not dull.  Be sure to keep hair clean, and to use a lightweight conditioner after each shampoo.  If you go to a hot tub or are in a chlorine pool, a chelating shampoo or the Minardi Pre-Wash can be used prior to shampooing to “lift” the unwanted deposits from the hair.

Red colored hair seems to fade so quickly. What steps can someone take to slow this process down?

Red fades as do all hair colors.  To “slow” the fade,  ask your colorist to glaze your red shade with an acidic customized blend of red liquid Demi Colors.  These deposit sheer, vibrant tones of red which resist fading and they close the cuticle, which “locks in” the color, and make hair shine.  JOICO and other companies offer shampoos and conditioners containing red, copper or red-violet “toners” which refresh color during the summer.  Use this to wash, every fourth or fifth shampoo and your red hair will thank you. When you can, cover your hair with a baseball cap or hat as the sun fades all hair colors.

What do you think is the top hair color of summer 2015?

Believe it or not, the TOP shades this summer are pastel pink, violet, ice blue or pale green or SILVER  applied “all over” to lightened hair or as streaky “points of interest” throughout the head.

What travel necessities would you recommend to someone with colored hair who going on a beach vacation?

Bring a bottle of sparkling water or seltzer.  After a dip in the ocean or poor cleanse out the bad stuff by pouring one bottle of water over your head.  This really works!  Also, if hair is long,  apply conditioner and leave it in during your visit to the pool or beach coconut oil is great for this, as well.  So you are giving yourself a conditioning treatment as you enjoy outdoor fun.

What’s your biggest summer hair care concern? Let us know in the comments below.

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