What It’s Like to Burn 500 Calories in an Infrared Sauna as Told by GIFs

Burn up to 500 calories in one sitting by using infrared heat therapy.


After attending a class at New York City’s first infrared hot yoga studio, Y7, I chatted with the girls at HigherDOSE about everything that went down. Not only was the experience completely different than the average hot yoga class, but the benefits of infrared light therapy were much more intriguing than I had initially thought. Health and wellness perks like detoxification, weight loss, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and stress reduction are associated with HigherDOSE’s technology, which explains why I left the class feeling ten times better than I did before.

When I was told that I could burn up to 500 calories in an hour-long infrared sauna session, I was obviously interested. Burning crazy calories while merely relaxing in a hot box? Sign me up. I immediately grabbed our Editorial Director, Ani, and booked a session at The Herban Alchemist in Soho. We couldn’t wait to reap the benefits of this revolutionary technology, relaxing all the while.

When we arrived we removed our shoes, plopped down on plush couches, and sipped on cold glasses of Emergen-C. We were now prepared for a serious sweat sesh. After changing into bikinis, we entered the oaky chamber. With a fantastic musky wooden aroma and a comforting window to the outside world, we hunkered down for 40 minutes to soak up the heat. What happened next? Find out what went through my head during this exciting new experience. Check out the play-by-play, as told by GIFs.

Oh, it’s not that hot. This is fine.


This is actually pretty relaxing.


Wow, is it really already 135 degrees in here?


My heart is beating really fast. What are the benefits again?

Infrared light heats the body to activate water molecules that increase blood flow and vitality. Increased heart rate is totally normal.nervous - Copy


sweat3Is Ani sweating as much as I am? Am I too sweaty?


Ok, she looks as drenched as I do. I’m good.


Only ten more minutes. You’ve got this.


Time to get out. Wow, that air conditioning feels amazing!fan

Must. Drink. All. The. Water.
drinkI feel fantastic. I need to do this more often.


Want to try out some infrared goodness for yourself? Head over Y7 to sign up for infrared yoga or go to The Herban Alchemist to sign up for a sauna session. 

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