Inside RPZL, The World’s First Hair Extension Bar


RPZL is the world’s first hair extension bar. We’re hooked on their clip-ins and blowouts!

I have a confession to make. In the mid-aughts, my favorite celebrity was Paris Hilton. Yes, it’s embarrassing, but to be fair this is when Hilton was the most famous person on the planet. Though it’s common now, she was the first celebrity who became famous without having done anything to earn it. To a lazy teenager, this was very inspiring. I wanted to be just like Paris. I wanted to wear everything Paris wore, including her hair extensions.

During my freshman year of college, I saved for months to be able to afford my dream hair. Once I was ready to fork over a deposit I went straight to my salon and had my extensions ordered. A week later they arrived and I spent eight hours having 100 strands bonded to my hair. Sure, when I left the salon that day I was broke, but my locks were as long and voluminous as Ms.Hilton’s. I was hooked. I knew my $1,500 investment would only last through the next six months (at best) so I started scraping together money for my next set.

Because paying for extensions was not actually within my budget in any way, shape, or form, after a year of living with them my hair had become damaged from root to tip. I had tried to milk every last moment I could with my pumped up tresses and in doing so kept each set in for far too long. Even though it took my hair about a year to recover from all the damage I’d done, years later I still missed my long, glamorous extensions.

When the world’s first hair extension bar, RPZL, opened in NYC I was beyond excited. Finally, I could be reunited with my long lost love — celebrity-inspired, voluminous hair! Our Junior Editor, Leah had never experienced the magic of hair extensions before so she came along to try them out for herself. Here’s our take on RPZL’s clip-in hair extensions, plus we scored an exclusive interview with the salon’s founders and an expert stylist.

How do you choose the right color for your customer?

The most important thing is to understand the client’s goals and how they define their perfect color. At RPZL, we have our House of Hair on-site so we are able to review a wide array of color options with each client. They can compare and contrast slight variations to pick the perfect color!

How should people take care of their clip-in extensions?

I recommend that you brush your hair extensions after each use and stay away from products with an alcohol base. Clip-ins are the perfect hair accessory for any woman that wants to change their look dramatically in an instant!

How often should they be washed?

I recommend that you wash your clip-ins every 6-8 times of wear. That said, this depends highly on how much product is used for styling. I recommend that you use products that are sulfate and silicone free. Additionally, it’s best to air dry clip in hair extensions.

Can you use products on them?

Yes, but I recommend natural products that won’t dry out the clip ins.

Any styling tips?

At home, you can style (straighten or curl) your hair extensions separately from your natural hair. Then proceed to style your hair and blend together. Some clients find this both faster and easier.



Personally, I never really thought about getting extensions. Sure, I love having long hair, and I’ve always aspired to have more volume, but I thought these were things that I could semi-achieve with products (though I never actually saw major results). Clip-in extensions seemed like the perfect solution, but only affordable to celebrities, socialites, and wealthy individuals. Never an average Joe like myself, until now!

When I first stepped into RPZL, I felt like a child walking into Cinderella’s castle. It was beautiful. Crisp white decorations, high-tech gadgets for before-and-after selfies, and even iPads at each station and phone chargers readily available. I was in hair heaven.

I sat down in my stylist’s chair and munched on a gluten-free Rice Krispie treat as she narrowed down the perfect clip-ins to match my hair color and texture. Together we decided on a light blonde highlight to add volume and create a multi-dimensional look. After a quick wash and blowdry she popped them in and went crazy with the curling iron. We chatted away as she styled and I sipped some tasty wine. Before I knew it my transformation was complete.

When she swiveled my chair for the big reveal,  I couldn’t believe it. Before RPZL I never thought my hair could look this amazing. Not only was it full of  body and highlights, but it looked super glam. I felt like J.Lo headed to a red carpet event, ready to strut my stuff. As Ani and I headed out the door and into the night, we couldn’t help ourselves from executing multiple sassy hair flips. Since visiting RPZL, I’ve gone from an extension virgin to a fully converted addict.


After our transformations were complete, we chatted with co-founder’s Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards to get the inside scoop on what makes RPZL so unique.

If someone is unfamiliar with RPZL what do you want them to know?

RPZL is the world’s first same day hair extension and state-of-the-art blowout bar, bringing glamorous, top-quality hair extensions to all Gorgeous Girls. Co-founders Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards were determined to find a way to save time and money on world-class hair extensions, fixing the glaring holes in this explosive market and bringing top-quality extensions to everyone. They applied cutting-edge technology to beauty and created a revolutionary process, decreasing application time while improving both quality and accessibility to this transformative experience. Paired with blowouts from the best stylists in New York, it’s a revolutionary service for today’s Gorgeous Girl.

What were you doing before you founded RPZL? 

Monica Thornton was a human rights lawyer with over 20 years of international experience in management and operations. Lisa Richards was a seasoned executive in the cable industry with over 15 years of experience managing distribution and marketing for both the U.S. and international markets.

How did you guys start working together?

Monica came up with this idea and was looking for someone to balance her management and operational skills to lead the branding, marketing and PR  efforts. I was so excited about her idea and wanted to share it with the world.

What was your inspiration for RPZL?

We were both disappointed by the lack of quality, accessibility and price points for hair extensions. We were determined to find a way to save time and money on world-class hair extensions. Together, we fixed the glaring holes in this explosive and fragmented market. By applying cutting-edge technology to beauty, we introduced a revolutionary process, which decreased application time while improving both quality and accessibility (we started our own proprietary hair extension line to have all types of hair extensions available onsite) to this transformative experience. Naturally, we were determined to provide a gorgeous and fun space, offering industry-leading customer service to showcase our technological accomplishment.

What should customers know about RPZL hair?

RPZL has their own proprietary hair extension line (ranging from clip-ins and tape hair to RPZL’s high-tech hair extensions) and a House of Hair that hosts the highest quality hair (100% Virgin Remy Hair), with the most expansive selection of color and texture available anywhere, right on site! RPZL Headmasters can match anyone’s  hair on site or remotely through our new e commerce site by uploading an RPZLfie (“selfie”)!

What sets RPZL apart from other hair extensions/clip-ins/blowout bars?  

RPZL is the first and only same day hair extension and state-of-the-art blowout bar!  We pride ourselves on providing industry-leading customer service and being the first space to combine tech and beauty! RPZL has an expedited check in process, the highest quality products, tablets (allowing for chair-side check out) and ISB ports at every station, drinks, cocktails and special gorgeous treats!   We offer everything from customized clip-ins to seamless bi-adhesive premium tape hair to the most innovative extension service on the market: our high-tech keratin hair extensions. We use only 100% Virgin Remy hair (the highest quality hair), and our proprietary methods reduce both the price and the application time to under an hour! RPZL also has a House of Hair that hosts the highest quality hair, with the most expansive selection of color and texture available anywhere, right on site! RPZL provides immediate customization of extensions ranging from clip-ins and tape hair to RPZL’s high-tech hair extensions, the most popular application among celebrities. We match, customize, and blend all extensions on-site. We also have recruited the best talent in the industry! Our Headmasters are technical experts in the application of hair extensions, and our Very Personal Stylists are artistic leaders in Gorgeous blowouts!

Can you tell us more about the ultrasound extension process?

How is this different from how other extensions are bonded? RPZL’s high tech process is sound activation (it takes one second to adhere a keratin bond to the hair) and uses no damaging heat, resulting in longer, fuller and healthier hair!  Our machine also reduces the application time to under an hour.  The other extension methods use a hot tool to glue the hair and can take upwards of 5 hours and costs thousands of dollars.

Can you tell us more about your online color matching service?  

It’s easy!  Pick your favorite Gorgeous in an Instant product and it will be shipped right to your door.  However, if you don’t know what color to choose (it is very difficult for most people to match their own hair color) soRPZL is the first company to introduce a technology and process to pick the right color for you remotely.  Simply upload an RPZLfie (“selfie”) through the Headmaster’s Choice and we’ll expertly match your color and texture in our House of Hair™ and it will be shipped right to your door.

Is there anything we haven’t asked that you’d like to tell us? 

RPZL just announced our new bridal looks and inspirations. Extensions are a must have for every Gorgeous Bride, offering fuller, longer, and more beautiful wedding hair.  RPZL will be adding more products (first hair extension brushes, trendy pops of color extensions, Gorgeous Pony in an Instant! extensions, etc…)  to our location and e commerce site this summer.  We are also looking to open in more markets.

If you’re interested in RPZL clip-in extensions but you don’t live in NYC — you’re in luck. The brand has just launched a site that allows you to upload a selfie for RPZL experts to analyze remotely and choose the perfect match based on your hair color and texture. Head over to RPZL to get more info on this and all of their great services.

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