Get ready for 14 days of fitness with Spa Week’s Health and Wellness Challenge!

The editorial team at Spa Week Daily is about to embark on our first Health and Wellness Challenge. For the next 14 days we will be participating in ten new workout classes across NYC. From rowing to boxing, and even aerial fabric, we are determined to find the best, most exciting new fitness experiences around. Stay tuned because we will be posting updates and reviews after every workout session to let you know exactly what to expect during some of the most unique exercise options out there.

Here at Spa Week we’re all about health and wellness so we want you to get active right along with us. To keep you moving, we will be hosting surprise giveaways throughout the two-week challenge, brought to you by some of your favorite fitness brands. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what we will be giving away next.

To kick off our journey, we spent the morning staying calm in a hectic city with some quick yoga poses. It’s important to stay centered before an exciting new adventure.

So, will we survive? Will we be super muscular afterward? Only time will tell. Check back tomorrow, we’ll be starting this fun new experience with an epic review of the first stop on our Health and Wellness Challange.

Head over to our Fitness section to feel motivated and get moving!

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