Health and Wellness Giveaway: Be Up Activewear and a Vegetarian Cookbook


Another day, another Health and Wellness Challenge giveaway! Today we’re giving one lucky reader a $25 Be Up gift card and a copy of one of our favorite cookbooks, “Everyday Vegetarian“. 

Be Up is a high-performance activewear brand that offers up stylish apparel for every type of workout. Our last Be Up giveaway was so popular that our site crashed when we announced the winner because so many of you flocked to it to see if you had won. Needless to say, we knew we had to bring you another opportunity to get your hands on Be Up’s sleek workout clothes. We figured there was no better time than during our two week Health and Wellness Challenge, especially since we’ve been rocking their gear to all of the new classes we’ve been trying out. From JumpLife rebounding to Peloton cycling, Be Up’s active apparel has kept us dry and cool during our most intense workouts.

We still have a lot of workout classes to attend over the next week. Luckily, one thing we don’t have to sweat is whether or not our gear will be able to keeping us looking chic and feeling comfy during all of the cool new fitness sessions we’ll be trying for the first time. We’ve scheduled everything from row class to kickboxing and we’re confident that Be Up’s stylish tights and supportive tank tops will help us power through anything that’s thrown at us.

Healthy eating habits are an important part of total wellness so we’ve been trying to eat healthier by making better choices and sticking with fresh foods while we embark on our two-week challenge. Since we’re all about inspiring our readers to get healthy and be fit, we’re giving away a cookbook filled with 365 flavorful vegetarian recipes. Everyday Vegetarian makes it easier than ever to eat a rainbow of fruits and veggies that will satisfy your hunger and make you feel at the top of your game.

The book’s author, Jane Hughes, is an expert when it comes to the vegetarian lifestyle. Not only has she been one for 25 years, but she’s also the editor of Vegan Life magazine and she authored The Vegetarian Travel Guide. Whether you’re already a vegetarian or you’re looking to incorporate more meat-free meals into your repertoire, this impressive cookbook will help you meet your nutritional goals. Some of our favorite recipes include Stir-Fried Baby Vegetables With Water Chestnuts, Quinoa With Currants  and Spicy Onions, and Zucchini and Broccolini Tagliatelle. Try and tell us your mouth isn’t watering just thinking about all that healthy goodness.

Are you ready to get moving with a $25 Be Up gift card and get cooking with Everyday Vegetarian? To enter, head over to  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Then, like our page and tell us your favorite meatless meal. To increase your chances of winning be sure to share. Good luck!

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Update: We have our winner!

Diana C. “I love spicy lentil soup.”

Congratulations Diana! Everyone else make sure to tune in every day for tons of exciting fitness content and giveaways.

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