It’s day five of our two week Health and Wellness Challenge we’re bringing you the bounciest workout ever.

Remember jumping on a trampoline as a child? It seemed like you could go for hours on end and never get bored. It didn’t feel like a workout, just an entertaining and fun way to spend your time. Most adults forget the enjoyable, carefree experience of bouncing the day away on a springy trampoline. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough space to own even the smallest trampoline in New York City so we decided to do the next best thing and attend a JumpLife rebounding class.

Not being able to squeeze a trampoline into our studio apartments wasn’t going to stop us from jumping to our heart’s content while getting in shape and working on our cardio. Manhattan’s JumpLife classes offer serious health benefits thanks to their low-impact, high-intensity trampoline workouts. Whether you’re partial to the club-like atmosphere of JumpDance, or interested in gaining a long, lean figure through JumpFusion, they’ve got something for you. They even offer classes for children and senior citizens.

Does bouncing on a trampoline as an adult have the same allure as it did when we were kids? We can tell you first hand that hopping around under a disco ball and funky lights is just as fun and exciting as you’d imagine. The child in you will burst with joy during JumpDance as top 40 hits blast away and a peppy instructor motivates you to leap your heart out. By the end of the 45-minute session, we were sweaty and smiley.

You’re probably wondering about the amazing health benefits associated with rebounding. The low-impact exercise exerts the same amount of pressure on your legs and feet as it does your neck and back. This is much different than your average treadmill workout, which can put a strain on lower limbs. JumpLife classes also have cardiovascular benefits, increasing oxygen circulation and getting your heart pumping. Rebounding has even been used by NASA for over thirty years when reacclimating astronauts to Earth’s atmosphere. In our opinion, any workout that is NASA approved is definitely worth checking out because those guys know what they’re talking about.

Want to bounce over to JumpLife yourself? Head to their website to book your first three classes for just $55.

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