How to Get Clear, Acne-Free Skin With Face Mapping

Breakouts can be hard to figure out, one day your skin is clear and the next it’s a war-zone. This can be very frustrating when you’re trying product after product and you’re still not achieving a flawless face. The truth is, it might be your insides that are causing the problem. Here’s how the ancient Chinese practice of face mapping can help.

Face Mapping: Figuring Out Why X Marks the Spot

Face Mapping

Face mapping has been a part of ancient Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. Those who follow this practice believe the face is the canvas for what is actually happening inside the body. Sometimes our organs are trying to tell us they are not happy or healthy and they need more attention. Bad daily habits like lack of exercise, smoking, or not drinking enough water all have a large impact on your organs and they may be using your skin as a cry for help. Here are some answers on how to banish those blemishes and get healthy from the inside out.


Activity on your forehead is affected by your liver and gall bladder. If you’re experiencing forehead breakouts it’s time to throw out your junk food and fill your fridge with fruits and veggies. You should also start drinking lemon water every day to help your body detox from your previously unhealthy eating habits.


According to face mapping, breakouts on your t-zone are the result of an unbalanced kidney, stomach, or spleen. To get rid of them start hitting the juice bar with friends instead of the actual bar. Eliminating binge-drinking and smoking will do wonders for your skin. Plus, not only will your insides thank you, but you’ll wake up feeling much better than you would after a night on the town and your credit card bill is sure to shrink.

Cheek Inflammation

Do you love contouring but avoid it because of crazy cheek inflammation? This could be caused by allergies such as wheat and dairy – so you’re going to want to kick bread and other carbs to the curb. Yes, it’s hard to eliminate carbs from your diet, but nothing feels as good as clear, bright skin. For even better results, start adding fatty acids like salmon and nuts to your diet.


If blemishes around your mouth are keeping you quieter than usual, your liver and stomach may be to blame. If you’ve been eating too many unhealthy foods or drinking too often, the toxins from those habits start building up and the results aren’t pretty when reflected on your face. Try cleansing your body by cutting down on alcohol and adding alkaline foods such as asparagus, broccoli, and potatoes into your daily diet.

Jaw Line

Imperfections on the jaw line can clear up by balancing  your colon and ovaries. This means keeping yourself hydrated and stress-free. Yoga is great for the mind, practice it regularly to make your stress and skincare problems melt away. And don’t forget to pick up your water bottle throughout the day because the more hydrated you are, the happier your skin and body will be.

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