For day 6 of the two week Health and Wellness Challenge we’re kicking it oldschool at Throwback Fitness.

I can admit it, I was never an athletic child. I know, shocking right? After you have read all about my recent fitness experiences you were probably thinking I was the Mo’ne Davis of my day. But alas, I was just a puny little girl who preferred Barbie dolls to soccer balls. Much to my surprise, I recently fell in love with a workout class that combines the fun of your high school P.E. class with a grown up twist.

Throwback Fitness incorporates your favorite tried and true exercises from gym class with team-based games to make your workout feel more like recess. From a quirky name game with athletic consequences like rowing 100 meters, to an exciting wagering match filled with frogger jumps and squats, this 45-minute sweat session left us sweaty and smiling. Plus, the bumping ’80s and ’90s jams kept the nostalgia as high as our heart rates.

What exactly goes down during class?

After warming up, we paired off for a 16-minute competition, alternating between rowing and floor exercises. Not surprisingly, our Editorial Director, Ani, and I were absolutely the least athletic people in the room. Most of the attendees were Throwback Fitness veterans, joking around and having a blast with their gym buddies and nailing every exercise with ease. And then you had us, two misfits who clearly weren’t on the same level as our classmates. In keeping with the Throwback theme, I will further explain this with a ’90s movie comparison. We were Timon and Pumbaa of this class. Adorable, yes, but ultimately useless to our teams. While everyone else was doing burpees at Pride Rock we were searching for bugs in the forest. Did we finish dead last? Yes. But, were we charming and loveable while doing it? Absolutely.


During the class the entire group with split into two teams and we competed against each other in a head-to-head wagering game. Lead by alternating captains, each team wagered how many of each exercise they could complete before the other team rowed 200 meters. Whoever won received points, and the highest value at the end of the competition was crowned victorious. We were obviously the weakest links in our respective groups, but instead of yelling “you’re killing me Smalls,” the entire team totally supported one another. Miraculously, with essentially no help from me, my team managed to take home the title. Yeah, baby!

Was it effective?

I’m not usually one to really push myself during workouts. If I can get away with a lower resistance and a slower speed while cycling at a Peloton class, I’ll do it. That’s why the team atmosphere at Throwback Fitness really worked to get me moving and motivated. I was no longer able to slide under the radar in the last row of a class. I was an equal member of my team and I needed to pull my weight in order to propel us to victory. It’s safe to say, “I’ll be back.”

Want to try it out for yourself?

Head to Throwback Fitness’s website to learn more, then use the code “TBFfreshman” and save 15% on any TBF class purchase. Alllllrighty then!

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