For day 8 of our two week Health and Wellness Challenge we went soaring above the ground at Body and Pole.

I am pretty sure that at one point or another everyone has dreamed of running away and joining the circus. The thought of flying high, completely care-free with thousands of adoring fans is invigorating. For most of us, those dreams slip away and never become a reality. What if I told you there was still a chance to recreate your childhood fantasy and float high above the ground as you gracefully swing from aerial silks?


Photo by: Krisha Jung

At Body and Pole, aerial fabric classes take everyday New Yorkers and turn them into acrobats. From climbing the silks to creating beautiful shapes and twists, this experience even made non-flexible me feel like I belonged on stage at Cirque du Soleil. Although it took me quite some time to get used to engaging my shoulder muscles and pulling myself up to climb the fabric, by the end I felt like a seasoned veteran.

The class started off with simple warm ups and stretches to prepare our muscles for the tasks they were about to take on. After our relaxing stretch session the real fun began. We did some ab work, learned about shoulder and arm strength, and learned how to lock our feet and wrists into the silk before taking flight. Once we were fully equipped with an arsenal of knowledge, we learned how to use our muscles to create elegant shapes while in the air. From backbends to perched seated positions, every move we completed looked more beautiful than the last.

I surprised myself with each new move I was able to execute. These seemingly complex moves were now within my skillset, and it felt good. I can’t even touch my toes, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be flexible enough for this cool class. Despite my doubts, I was able to launch myself into each shape with ease. After the midday class, I was struck with a bolt of energy. It felt good to hold my own throughout the class and take my athletic ability to new heights.

Want to unleash your inner performer? Sign up for an intro class to aerial fabrics at Body and Pole for just $25.

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